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What to Look for When Retouching Clothes Photos

When it comes to photo retouching, people usually think that its functionality is limited to improving one’s facial impression or body composition. However, features offered by modern mobile applications have significantly gone beyond expectations. Solutions like RetouchMe allows enhancing the overall shoot quality, as well as the accuracy of its separate elements. Apart from your own appearance, why not pay more attention to complementing goods like clothes? Don’t hesitate to check how advanced this function is at the main domain:

Keep It Realistic

Newcomers in the field often tend to apply a bunch of techniques to make the image look gorgeous. However, the effect is usually quite the opposite. Instead of an attractive illustration of your effort, the image with unrealistic and fake blicks and colors is received.

Of course, retouching allows improving some mistakes that are made unnoticeable and thus non-prevented during the shooting session. But treating its tools as a panacea from everything is a highway to hell. That’s why it is recommended for beginners not only to view their retouched layouts as both creators and viewers to understand what impression they promote. At the same time, don’t forget that the picture of clothes should reveal its true appearance. You don’t want to use tricks on your future clients with fake images, do you?

Balance Is a Perfect Fit

Nowadays, 3D models of clothes are more beneficial than their 2D online alternatives. This approach will definitely complement your virtual catalog, but achieving such a result without additional retouching is a pretty complicated affair. Therefore, interested parties are welcome to stick to the following unspoken rules:

  • Whenever you want to take a picture of your apparel assortment (either for personal or commercial purposes), don’t forget to comply with the right geometric patterns and standards. If the proportions are ruined, it may lead to huge misunderstandings. If you hesitate about the results, it is not a problem to purchase some professional retouch services from RetouchMe and use its results as samples to follow. Such so-called templates will guide the beginners through the process of emphasizing the advantages and solving drawbacks your clothes may have.
  • Retouching allows using interesting layout approaches. Instead of asking models to advertise your goods, it is a good way to keep customers completely focused on your deals with the help of invisible mannequins. This technique gives the missing volume to your wardrobe things in the photo. You can see related resources from the associated website gm photographics.

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Right Shooting

As it has been already mentioned, the right approach to taking photos of your clothes and their further retouching should be required in both cases. From this perspective, newcomers should pay more attention to these parameters:

  • Shooting angle — you won’t display jackets or hoodies from the back only, will you? The most suitable angle should be chosen in dependence on how many images you have to show the quality of your goods. If you have just one single opportunity, modern applications allow creating 3D interactive models to show off the beauty of products to the full. Selecting “on the line” instead of divergent angles means staying on the safe side. But if you represent some separate elements like pockets, it would be better to experiment a bit.
  • Alignment and symmetry — if you just lay the things on a flat surface, ensure that all of their compartments are visible and symmetric to each other. This will significantly simplify your retouching stage.

Wrap It Up

All in all, retouching clothes doesn’t require you to bring perfect results from the very first trial. Thanks to mobile applications that are available here and now and offer their results in just a few minutes, that saves a lot of time and energy for beginners to experiment and achieve a nice hands-on practice. All that is left to do is to stick to some expected standards in the field and requirements established by dedicated posting services and platforms.

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