What to Do First When You Move into a Newly Built House

Moving into a house that was just built is exciting. Everything is fresh and clean, and you know that you won’t be having to fix anybody else’s mistakes. If you need help prioritizing what things to do first in your newly built house, carry on reading for some quick and easy tips.

Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest control is not seen as a problem that homeowners of new houses will face because it’s usually associated with old and run down homes. This belief is a misconception–especially if the ground where your house now stands was once untouched grassland.

All the critters that used to live among the grass never left. They just waited for the construction to stop and then carried on with business as usual inside your home. Make a preemptive strike before they manage to set up a cozy home in your walls. Call a pest control specialist to lay down traps.

Garden Planning and Landscaping

Your house won’t become a home until you have a beautiful garden. A garden immediately raises the value of the property and is also an excellent way to eliminate any rodents that might be living within your fence. The quick and easy way to do this is to call a landscaper, and finding a landscaper Naperville is easy thanks to the rise of online advertising.


If you are new to the neighborhood, you should find out about any petty crime in the area and plan your home security around that information. The best thing to do would be to contact a highly recommended security company and ask them what they advise. Preparing for any eventuality in advance is a far better idea than having something happen and then reacting.


Sometimes fencing and walls are not included in the planning of a new house. If this is the case, when you have settled into your new home you can begin planning what kind of perimeter walling you need. Some homeowners prefer to keep the backyard separate from the front yard because they have family pets.

You might also want to consider the walling and fencing on the street in which you live so that your design fits in with what is already there. You should also consider the height needed for security, privacy, and to prevent pets from jumping over it. Try to blend your fencing choice with the outer façade of the rest of the house such as garage doors and swimming pool area.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors
You will see your neighbors possibly every day for a very long time. Introduce yourself to them as soon as you can and write their names, phone numbers, and pet names if applicable into your phone. This is a handy tip for anyone who is terrible at memorizing names and doesn’t want to spend the next few months avoiding someone whose name they forgot.

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