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What to Consider When Purchasing Fire Alarm Systems for Your Home

What to Consider When Purchasing Fire Alarm Systems for Your Home

Your home may be the best on the street, but there might be one thing that you still haven’t installed: A fire alarm system. With a one in ten chance that a fire could injure any member of your family who happened to be at home, you’ll need a system that can quickly and efficiently warn everyone whenever there’s a looming threat of fire. But as it may also be your first time to purchase a fire alarm system for your home, here are a couple of considerations to take note of before heading over to a dealer selling one:

1. A smoke detector is only one out of three components that make up a simple residential fire alarm system.

While some parts of Canada have yet to pass legislation that would require homeowners to have smoke detectors installed in every bedroom and level of their respective houses, you may have already equipped your home with a smoke detector.

However, you can’t consider a smoke detector alone as a fire alarm system since all it does is detect whenever smoke is beginning to form in a specific area. Sure, it emits a beeping sound to warn you of smoke inside your house, but it might not be heard at all by any members of your family who are sleeping in their bedrooms or other floors.

You’ll thus want to have not only a smoke detector but an entire fire alarm system for your home. If you’re on a tight budget you can purchase a simple single-station one that consists of the following:

  • Smoke detector.
  • The fire alarm itself which can be the typical motorized bell, horns, speakers, and lights. These can notify you and all of your family members that your house has caught on fire.
  • A fire alarm control panel which serves as the bridge between the smoke detector and the fire alarm itself.

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2. You should buy monitored smoke detectors as part of your home’s fire alarm system.

Your smoke detector – while useful enough to warn you of any presence of smoke in your home – won’t be able to help you at all if your house catches fire while you and your entire family are away on vacation, for example.

Thus, instead of a traditional smoke detector, you should purchase monitored ones for your residential fire alarm system so that its control panel can call your mobile phone to inform you that your house’s fire alarm had sounded.

Some monitored smoke alarms can even record video footage you your home. This means that they can be used as surveillance devices that are disguised too! There is a smoke detector camera review at 10BestRanked that will show you the power of smoke detector cameras and what the best ones are for you.


At the same time, your residential fire alarm system’s control panel would also alert the nearest fire department so that they can immediately go to your house and extinguish the fire there.

More than 12,000 residential fires have occurred in Canada last 2014, some of which may have claimed human lives and injured several other people. Most of those residential fires could’ve been prevented from happening if only the affected homeowners have had a fire alarm system installed in their homes. After all, a house is a long-term investment that can last for generations, and you wouldn’t want yours to catch fire. Thus, you should start purchasing a fire alarm system – preferably one like the Bartec Fire Safety Systems – for your home with the above-listed considerations to keep in mind.

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