What to Consider Before Buying Double Roller Blinds

It really becomes a difficult task to try to find disadvantages for this type of blinds. Except for the fact that they have a higher manufacturing cost and they require a larger budget for their acquisition.

These roller blinds are the definition of excellence: if it seemed to you that the blind material combined all the characteristics of the fabrics we had seen before, you were right. Likewise, the Double blinds achieve a significant improvement of each of these characteristics, since they do not combine two fabrics in one, but use two completely independent fabrics from each other, but both in the same blind. For windows roll down porch shades will be helpful.

What does this mean? It is the best option for anyone in the situation, which combines all the advances brought by the technology of the last century into a single-blind. There is no doubt why interior decorators are choosing it so much lately.

Maximum natural light control, occupying the same space


Like the double-blind, there are Black Out fabric and a Sunscreen, with the provision that now each one is an independent fabric. This means that it will give us the possibility of having a thorough and precise control of the amount of exterior light that we want to filter in our environments.

On the one hand, if we wanted more light, simply lowering the sunscreen blind would achieve the desired effect. On the other hand, for greater darkness, we would use the Black Out. But there is a plus: for absolute darkness of the environment, we can lower both fabrics, which did not allow any other type of roller blind before seen.

And best of all: they have a special roller system that allows you to combine both blinds in the same window, so you will not need to take up much more space as you would with a simple system.

Versatile aesthetic proposal

Thanks to the combination of two different fabrics in the same blind, the aesthetic proposal is extended. It is possible, in this way, to choose different colours for each screen, as well as to customize the carousel where it is rolled up for maximum versatility in terms of options. As of now, imagination is the limit, creating an interesting dynamic.

Double insulation


Unrolling both panels not only offers, as we said before, the maximum darkening and privacy in the room, but also allow us much greater isolation.

It is proven that the transfer of cold and heat from a room to or from the outside occurs through the openings (doors and windows). In the summer, many expenses on air conditioning and fans can be saved when it prevents the sun from entering the environment, and in winter heating costs. All this simply by leaving the blind covering your window.

All blinds are good insulators, both for light and sound (there is nothing like no disturbing noises at night or at nap time when you try to rest). Now imagine, if one screen was already quite effective, the power it will have when you use two.

Why Invest in Premium Quality Roller Shades?

The roller shades are here to stay, and so are ravaging traditional blinds and curtains. The reasons? They are many, but they are summarized in 2 fundamental edges: elegance and versatility.

There are blinds and systems for all types of pocket. The higher the quality of the materials or the greater the details of the design of the blinds, the greater the cost.

The good thing about investing in premium quality is its long life and high construction in cutting-edge materials in its system and finish. Otherwise, investing in a roller blind of poor quality implies a higher cost in the future and will require some repairs, so that it ends up matching and even increasing the value of a premium quality roller blind.

Why choose roller shades?


So why is it preferable to buy a premium roller blind and not a cheap one? Next, we will raise some reflections on the subject. In the same way, you can comment at the end of the article, in the comment box, your opinion or experience.

  • When we are determined to buy a blind, it is necessary to devote the necessary time and not only to do it on impulse, as we have often done. Dressing at the windows is an art and, somehow, an extension of our personality.
  • Cheap products serve to get out of a hurry or look temporary, but not beyond that because we will soon need to invest time and money in repairs. This can be attractive at first, but you have to think twice.
  • In some cases, the purchase of cheap blinds can cause calls to the technician for repair, changes in some accessories of the roller system or the complete system. That is why we insist on taking the time to make the right decision.
  • Due to the high demand for roller blinds, the price of premium quality products increases while a lagged product decreases its costs because it does not meet quality standards (or minimally). This makes it adaptable to any pocket, but with greater headaches in the future.
  • Although a relatively high amount will be invested in its acquisition, its use will certainly be greater because it is an object of excellent quality. As a result, you will get a long lifetime and a greater enhancement of the benefits of your blind.
  • Roller blind factories are currently involved in a highly competitive market. Some stand out for their quality, others for their prices, but the consuming public is the one that determines the best blind company.

In this complete guide, we have seen the most important fabrics when talking about roller shades. First, the Black Out blinds. These offer the possibility of a very good darkening of the room. They are excellent for those people who do not want annoying lights when they want to rest.

Second, Sunscreen. This type of fabric is designed to filter outside light, but without blocking it completely. Ideal for environments where the light comes very strong, especially between the hours of 12 and 16hs, and in those where you need not enter the reflection to work on a personal computer.

Third, we have the double roller blinds. This combines the two previous fabrics in a single fabric. Therefore, it is possible to block the light when using the Black Out completely or to let part of it through when you use half-Black Out and half Sunscreen. Due to its horizontal stripe system, they offer excellent versatility, but it is not possible to use only the Sunscreen, as in the Doubles.


Finally, we have the Doubles. These combine two different fabrics in the same blind, but each is an independent panel. This means that we can only choose the Sunscreen, only the Black Out, or a combination of both to your complete taste and need. In addition, all the functions of isolation, UV protection and privacy are doubled when it is decided to use both screens simultaneously.
However, as expected, they are the most expensive. In conclusion, dressing your windows with elegance, functionality and quality may involve a greater investment in the first instance, but do not be fooled: cheap can be expensive in the future, and sometimes more expensive than you could have paid in the beginning. We hope that these reflections help you make a good decision, and you can avoid setbacks.

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