What Should You Do After a Fire in Your Home?


After a Fire in Your Home

Even with sprinkler and alarm systems in place, no one can completely prepare for a house fire. You and your family may be emotionally scarred and unsure what to do. At the first signs of a fire that’s beyond what an extinguisher can take care of, you should vacate the home immediately and call the fire department. Following the next few steps will help you and your household recover quicker.

1. Don’t go back into the home until it has been cleared as structurally sound by the fire investigators.

2. If you own the home, your first phone call in the aftermath should be to your insurance company. This will begin the claims process and allow you to talk with your insurance agent about emergency shelter and damage restoration options in Houston.

3. Renters should contact their property manager or their landlord, if they rent directly from a private owner. Next, you should call your renter’s insurance provider to file a claim for loss of personal property and directions about emergency lodgings, if necessary.

4. If you need financial or lodging assistance during the cleanup that isn’t available through family, friends or insurance reimbursement, you should contact a charity such as the Red Cross or your church to see what assistance is available.

5. Obtain a copy of the fire investigator’s report as soon as it’s available. You’ll need this for your insurance claim. This report will detail the condition of the home, the location of the fire, the cause of the fire and details about the time and date of the incident

6. Contact a property restoration company to help with the cleanup. They’ll work with you to secure your home against intruders or vandalism until you can move back in. You’ll also have assistance with:

  • Debris removal
  • Repairs
  • Soot and ash removal
  • Extinguisher and water residue cleanup
  • Odor removal

Smoke, water damage, and soot after a fire aren’t something that can be painted over. House fires can leave a lasting impact long after the structural damage is repaired. One of the main goals of a company that provides property restoration Houston is to remove the lingering traces of fire so that you can move forward without constant reminders.

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