6 Different & Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Front Door

The front door is the gateway to the home. It is the place that actually welcomes your guests into the house. The doorstep gives your guests their very first impression of your home. Hence, it is important to have a front door that is welcoming and attractive to your guests. Sometimes when you have ornamental Iron Double Doors or stylish wrought iron doors, they become an attraction in themselves. There are a number of ways in which you can make your front doors look stylish and attractive. Some of these decoration ideas are easy to implement, not very heavy on the purse and yet stylish enough to be noticed and appreciated. These ideas can also become a way for you to show your creativity and put a personal touch to the decorations.

(1) Stylish Doormats

Farmhouse Entry Doormats

Doormats can make a huge difference to your front door decorations. A stylish and interesting door mat attracts the guests and sets a good mood for the rest of their stay. Doormats should be of the correct size for your door. When selecting a doormat, look for a fun color or clever design that complements (or contrasts) with your front door. Try for bold colors and designs. You can also go for something that appeals to you personally or shows your personality. So don’t hold back; adorn your front door with the perfect doormat!

(2) Plants Decoration

Plants Decoration
Decorating your front door with plants can be a very effective approach to doorway decorations. Having plants and flowers on your front door as decorations is a simple and beautiful solution. You can mix a variety of flowering plants with non-flowering ones. You can display them in regular plots and planters arranged systematically around the door. Or, you can use decorative, antique or large pots and place them in an unorganized fashion as per your taste. You can even reflect the style and tone of your interiors in your front door plant decorations.

(3) Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought Iron Doors
Wrought Iron Doors if properly designed and crafted can uplift the whole look of your house front. These gates are normally very elaborate and ornamental. They have innumerable varieties of designs and styles. They can be single doors or double doors and can even be custom designed according to your specifications and needs.

(4) Wreath For Front Door

Rustic Entry Wreath
Wreaths have the potential to become the most amazing, stylish and creative front door decorations. They are certainly the most ornamental of the lot. They can vary in sizes and choice of base materials. You can also change these decorations according to the season if you like. Wreaths can also be made from materials available at home. They can include flowering as well as non-flowering plants. You can add beauty, style, and charm to your door using wreaths.

(5) Front Yard Lights Decoration

Traditional Landscape
Lighting is an instant and bright way to decorate your front door and porch. It lights up the place and lifts the mood. You can use recessed lights on the steps and hanging lamps or wall sconces for the door lights. There are so many other ways that you can use lights to decorate your front door. These lights are also a good safety measure to prevent accidents that happen due to dark doorways, porches, and pathways.

(6) Pathway To Your Front Door

Pathway Front Door
Creating a pathway, even if it’s small, can give your front door a new look. It can bring character, charm, and timeless appeal to the front of the house. It can define the front of your house and highlight your house among the rest of the houses. They can be made of many different materials like brick, concrete, stones, wood etc. They can have steps, walkways or block design that lead to your front door. You can show your creativity and add your personal touch to your pathway too.

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