List of Creative Garden Fountain Design Ideas

Once a house has been purchased, we all want to decorate it uniquely. These decorations may include the tree houses, gardens that are beautifully decorated or the water fountains, etc. According to the size and style of the house, adding a fountain to the garden can be a good choice. An extra beauty is added to the look of the house with the garden water fountain.

Here is the list of some of the best garden water fountains which vary according to the style, functionality and the size of the house. You can choose among them the best one for your home. Also, you can have a look at the best fountain art by Danner where you get the high-quality fountains and that too at affordable rates.

1. Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden

With the help of bamboo trees, the bamboo garden is being constructed. On one side, a bamboo fence is there, and on another side, a water pump is present which is made from bamboo too. A giant bowl is there in which the water is being poured in the form of the steady stream from the water pump.

2. Floral With Waterhole

Fountain surrounded by bright floral
Beautiful artwork of the waterhole being surrounded by bright floral will give a stunning rippling effect when the water flows upward. The hole is surrounded by rocks which are further covered by green moss at some portions. This gives an amazing earth look.

3. Water Vases

Water Vases
Three beautifully decorated vases can be put in the form of a triangle. Some unique patterns are designed on these vases giving them a textured and complicated look. Clean and clear water is then made to pour out, creating a little and beautiful water stream from the vase top.

4. Green and Lush Garden

Green and Lush Garden
In a large and open space garden that is full of greenery and floral everywhere, a cement circle being made with water stream jet in the upward direction will give an extravagant look.

5. Concrete Fountain

Concrete Fountain
You can find the concrete fountains always on the top of a green hill. At the corners of the fountain, the capping is done the blocks of cement cinder. To the brim, the fountain is filled with water.

6. Wall Of Water

Wall Of Water
A wall made up of stone has to be present in the garden. On the entire wall, the diamonds which are ornately shaped are present in a straight line. Inside each diamond, some complex patterns are being carved. From the middle of each diamond, the water stream comes out.

7. Angel Fountain

Angel Fountain
A small fountain needs to be present in the garden. An angel wearing a blue color dress and holding a brown color vase in her hands need to sit on the top of the fountain. The water keeps coming out of the vase. This type of fountain depicts the peace and calmness as the angel looks like blessing everyone by the water

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