What Makes Luxear Ocean Pattern Cooling Blanket Your Best Summer Companions

If you’re a hot sleeper, this is just the product for you! Luxear brings you the best summer blanket you’ll find in the market. Yes, you read that right! A blanket for the hot and humid summers you hate. Don’t worry, this comforter won’t make you hotter on summer nights. Instead it is specifically designed to make you feel cooler. With global warming making the rising heat levels unbearable, you need as much relief from heat as you can get. Simply putting on the AC or fan is often not enough, especially if you’re a hot sleeper. This cooling blanket can give you a chilling relief from heat and help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Luxear ocean pattern cooling blanket is made with Arc Chill cooling technology to give you a relaxing sleep. Here are the main features that make this blanket a must-have addition to your bedroom.

Stay Cool with Arc Chill

Luxear’s cooling blanket uses Japanese Arc-Chill cooling technology with a Q-max of 0.5. The top side of this blanket is made of this arc chill cooling fabric that incorporates Jade-nano particles which have high heat capacity. It can absorb the body’s heat and reduce the body’s temperature by 2 – 5°c. This means you instantly feel cool as soon as you drape the blanket on your body. Use it with a fan or AC and you’ll feel double cool! And guess what else is cool? The amazing discount that you get when you buy Luxear’s blankets! Simply use the code 10% OFF   8PLMD69J before 2023-04-30 to get an instant 10% discount. 


Soft and Breathable Fabric

Another great feature of this blanket is its super soft fabric that is smooth on the skin and feels heavenly cool on hot summer nights. The fabric is made of 100% arc chill cooling polyester and nylon and incorporates Jade-nano particles that help to maintain skin moisture  and elasticity. It is made through a simplified process with natural materials that are safe to use even for a baby. The fabric is soft and breathable giving you a relaxing night’s sleep. This blanket is the perfect gift if you want to make an impression or if you’re gifting to someone close. 


Low-maintenance and Multipurpose

This soft and cool blanket is easy and very convenient to use too. You can use it as a comforter in the summers to keep you cool and relaxed at night. And in the winters you can use it upside down to bring warmth instead of cold. As it is lightweight, you can also carry it for camping trips or when you’re traveling. Plus, it’s very low maintenance too. You can easily wash it with either hands or in a machine. However, putting it in a laundry bag will prevent tangling or damage and ensure a longer life.  Just make sure not to dry it in the sun and not to bleach or iron it either. 


Beautiful Ocean Print Design

With a beautiful ocean print design, this cooling blanket looks just as cool as it feels! The soothing blue tones paired with prints of coral, shell, and other marine organisms gives this blanket a truly coastal look. It’s the perfect accessory for a beachy or coastal decor. But even with other styles, this breezy blue blanket will always look good. Truly a blanket for all seasons!

Those living in hot climates would understand the need for this cooling blanket. Not only is it relaxing and comfortable in all seasons, but also useful in various occasions and places. Enjoy summer nights with no sweat or excess heat with Luxear’s amazing cooling blanket!

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