What is Sacramento Known For?

Sacramento is the largest city in California. In fact, it’s known as the state’s capital. If you are looking for a holiday destination that’s not far from home, you need not look any further than Sacramento. For a start, the city is well organized with reliable means of transportation. As a visitor, you have the option of crossing the city via public transport such as a bus or a train. You can also rent a car and drive yourself around the city. But, that’s not all. Accommodation is available in almost every corner of the city which is convenient. And in case you feel hungry, you can grab a meal in the local restaurants that are nearby.

The city actually offers a wide variety of global cuisine that includes but is not limited to Italian, Japanese and Mexican delicacies. The other advantage is that the city is not as congested as one would expect. In fact, the Sacramento population is believed to be approximately made up of just 500,000 residents. Interestingly, the people here are friendly to visitors. You can, therefore be sure that you will feel at home even when you are in the midst of strangers. Continue reading below to learn of the places you should visit while staying in the city of Sacramento.

1. Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento

This is basically a small section of the city that’s situated along the shores of river Sacramento. Just like the name sounds, it’s the oldest part of the city, meaning that’s where the city started and then spread to other parts. The buildings in this area are really old. The authorities have actually preserved it as a tourist attraction site. In fact, thousands of visitors flood the old city to learn about its past. While there, you can shop for artifacts and enjoy local delicacies. The site also has a waterfront area where visitors hang out to enjoy the cool breeze and take photos.

2. California State Railroad Museum

California State railroad museum is home to ancient trains. Though the trains are no longer used to transport people like before, they have been restored to maintain their former glory. Going for a guided tour at the facility actually takes you way back to time when trains used to the slowest mode of transport. The tour guides usually explain how the railway contributed to the development of Sacramento as an economic center during the Gold Rush.

3. Crocker Art Museum

Crocker Art Museum
This is a must visit for everyone that loves art. Established in 1871, Crocker Art Museum was named after its founder, E.B Crocker. The facility has really passed the test of time. Majority of museums that were opened in the same century closed after encountering a series of obstacles. The museum showcases artwork from around the world including Asia, Africa and Europe. The facility is usually flooded during holidays as tourists make their way there to experience ancient art. The best time for visiting the facility is after the holidays are over.

4. Sacramento Zoo

This is one of those sites that are ideal for the whole family. Visiting the zoo will give you an opportunity to get closer to animals that reside in the wilderness. The good thing is that the animals are caged to allow visitors get a closer look. You are therefore guaranteed of seeing over 400 animal species on any given day regardless of the weather. The site is a great resource for anyone that seeks to learn more on conservation of environment. The animals that are housed at the zoo originate from different parts of the world. In fact, some of them are an endangered species.

5. Sutter’s Fort

The fort was established way back in 1839 by John Sutter as an economic center. But when gold was discovered by one of the employees working at the fort, it was left like a ghost town as everyone’s attention shifted to the mines. At the center of the fort, there is a 2 storey building that’s the site’s major attraction. Historians believe that gold was first discovered in this adobe building.
Sutter’s Fort

6. State Capitol Museum

Glancing at the State Capitol Museum makes you feel like you are in Washington D.C. This is because the structure’s design somehow resembles that of Washington. In fact, the facility is a blend of both the old and modern California. The modern day state government uses the floors that are above the basement and first floor of the building. These two sections have since been transformed into a museum. Visiting the museum enables you to understand how the state of California is governed. You will also see some of the iconic leaders that served in ancient governments.

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