What is Mailing and what is its Importance in your Digital Strategy?


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Surely you already know what mailing is and you had not realized that you normally find one of these messages in your email. Here we explain everything you need to know and why it is an excellent strategy to implement.

Every day, when you open your email, an email about promotions or offers, blog subscription, etc. may have caught your attention. These attractive messages are known as mailing. Do not think that mailing is just sending emails in bulk without any kind of work behind it, since this technique can help you to achieve a greater number of sales for your business effectively; You just have to find the optimal balance between a personalized message and that generates sales action within your target audience.

What is your purpose?

Mailing, or also called “direct mail”, is defined as a technique that consists of sending mass emails for the commercial purpose of selling. It is important to note that email marketing is based on sending emails to current or potential customers, with the aim of achieving different goals such as loyalty, retain customers, increase web traffic, generate sales, among others.

Therefore, to achieve any of these goals, it is necessary to have different types of campaigns. Mailing is one of them and the one most used by companies. Mailing campaigns consist of sending mass advertising, in order to reach more people, looking for quantity.

Don’t confuse mailing with spam

These two concepts are easily confused by companies and users, but they are actually two different terms. Spam refers to emails sent without the user’s consent, in other words, it is spam. In addition, it contains information that is irrelevant to the customer and is often loaded with viruses, Trojans or malware. Instead, the mailing contains the permission and acceptance of the owner of the mail. This can be canceled at any time by the user, if he wishes. The mailing offers exclusive and relevant information, it is also thought about the preferences of the potential client.

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The advantages

With the rapid arrival of social networks, there are those who question the effectiveness of the actions of mailing and email marketing, mainly because it is considered that email is in decline. However, an investigation carried out by Hubspot shows the opposite, since both mailing and email marketing are still valid to this day. Given the above, the importance of using this technique in your digital marketing strategy is reaffirmed, considering that it is a direct channel of information, it reinforces the image of your brand, it helps you save resources, among other advantages.

How to make a good mailing campaign?

– Choose the best platform

The first thing you should know is that you do not use your personal mailbox to reach your subscribers. The ideal is to find professional tools that ensure the correct arrival of your emails to the inbox of your contact list. In addition, they should offer you templates that make your emails look professional. You must make sure that these tools allow you to segment, automate, but above all, measure each action to improve based on the results.

– Buy a contact list 

Today you can reach more potential customers by having their contacts, even if you’ve never been in touch with them. You can buy an email list for sale and start sending your messages to them all at once. It will save you a lot of time. 

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– Segment and customize your audience

To be able to highlight your email among the thousands that reach your subscriber, it is best to make it feel unique and special. Sending content of value to the user, based on research on their demographics, behaviors and interests, will be the best way to impact them. The tool you choose for your campaign should allow you to easily generate these segments and inform you of all the users to customize your content.

– Consider the content type

Every action must have a goal, your mailings must also be oriented towards conversion. To do this, you must consider the type of content you are going to send. There are different ways to do this, such as making your community feel special, creating seasonal campaigns for important calendar dates, using your customers’ sense of urgency to promote offers and discounts, etc.

After all, are you ready? Let’s start your mailing strategy today! Let’s talk and make your brand stand out like no other.

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