What is Lovesac and Do They Have the Bean Bags for You?

For decades people have enjoyed lounging around in bean bag chairs. From hippies to college kids to discerning decorators, the bean bag chair is a universal piece of furniture that complements a wide variety of settings. Discover why people like the simplicity and comfort of kicking back in bean bag furniture.

The History of Bean Bag Chairs

The first bean bag chair was created over fifty years ago, and its popularity has soared ever since. Few movies and television shows from the 1970s would be the same without showing the characters sitting in plush chairs. Consumers today have questions about Lovesac and other quality bean bag chairs to determine if they offer what they need for unwinding in the living room, den, and bedroom.
The History of Bean Bag Chairs

What Is a Bean Bag Chair?

Also called a Sacco chair for the Italian designers that created it, this unique piece of furniture is constructed from a large piece of fabric filled with polystyrene beads. Much like a bean bag, the seat’s shape is undetermined. Today bean bag chairs are made from an array of materials in a rainbow of colors to match any decorating scheme.

Flexible Seating for Everyone

Few people can resist the appeal of a seat that conforms to the shape of the user. No matter how someone chooses to sit, the chair shifts around to hug the person’s body. The shapeless chair was not the first of its kind, but indeed become one of the most well-known pieces of furniture of yesterday and today.

An Impressive Seating Selection

An Impressive Seating Selection
The bean bag chair has evolved since its introduction in the late 1960s. Now there are also bean bag sofas and sectionals to appeal to people who can’t get enough of this unusually inviting seating. An entire room can be decorated using bean bag furnishings with eye-catching accents to bring it all together.

Does a Brand Name Matter?

Since the basic design of the bean bag chair has not changed for over fifty years, a brand name seat is not a top priority. Consumers don’t have to pay more to get the quality seating they want for any room in the house – or office. It makes sense to choose bean bags that are attractive and affordable rather than one with a particular name on the label.

How Should a Bean Be Constructed?

A bean bag chair consists of three essential parts. The interior is made from a soft foam that feels wonderful when a person sits or lies down. Then the foam interior is covered by a protective liner that has a decorative cover over it.

Choosing the Perfect Cover

The cover is what makes a bean bag chair look different from any other. Request a sample of the material to see the color and texture. Looking at the material and other features in the room make it easy to select the perfect fabrics to complete the room.

The Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

The Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs
No matter what brand a consumer chooses, there are many benefits of owning a bean bag chair. First, they are an affordable choice that instantly transforms the usability and comfort of a space. Plus, bean bags are versatile and can be displayed in almost any household environment.

Visit a reputable online resource to find the ultimate bean bag furniture at competitive prices that won’t break the bank. Choose from a variety of chairs to fit any decor and budget.

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