What is Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has over the years, become a perfect option for most homes, with an attractive solid wood appearance that is quite easy to install. With a beautiful natural look and an irresistible feel, engineered wood flooring is a great choice.

Engineered Wood Construction

Considering the fact that it comprises multiple layers, engineered wood floors is very stable flooring that is not likely to be affected by warping or shrinking with variations in environmental conditions like solid wood. It is this stability that makes it easier to utilize the click systems within the joint making it a perfect choice for any person searching for an ideal wood floor. It is quite easy to install into your home.
Engineered Wood Construction

Simple Installation Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is locally available in either three-ply or multi-ply construction. The multi-ply floors usually feature a core comprising different plywood layers with optimal stability and strength and it is for this reason that it is a high-quality flooring. Since it is a natural product, engineered flooring must be made custom to your home’s conditions prior to being installed. This is known as the acclimatization period. Although it is highly stable as compared to solid wood flooring, there is no doubt that the engineered wood floor would slightly move and alter due to heat and the amount of moisture in the air, therefore it is critical to ensure it settles in the newer environment prior to installation.

It is strongly recommended that you wait for a week to pass by between receiving and installing the engineered wood. Since engineered wood flooring is very stable dimensionally, it can be installed in many ways, such as screwed or nailed down or glued down utilizing flexible flooring adhesive.

Appearance of Engineered Wood Flooring

Appearance of Engineered Wood Flooring
The appearance of engineered wood flooring is mainly dependent on four aspects including the plank size, surface finish, grade of the grain and wood species. As opposed to a solid floor, engineered wood flooring utilizes less hardwood. Therefore, if you are interested in an unusual species such as walnut, Merbau, Maple and Ash then there is no doubt you will find these in engineered wood floors.

Where Engineered Wood Flooring is Used?

Engineered flooring may be utilized in different areas of your home including bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, living and dining rooms. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember it remains a natural product, thus, engineered flooring is not ideal for use in bathrooms or other areas with high moisture where there are possible leaks like utility rooms. It can still be used in these areas if the above-mentioned areas have underfloor heating.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors

Whereas any hardwood floor may be a feasible investment because it adds an attractive natural appeal to a home along with luxury and warmth, engineered flooring is a great choice to solid floors because it is less costly and provides additional dimensional strength and stability. Furthermore, engineered flooring is developed in a manner that provides better resistance to variations in moisture and temperatures. Other reasons why engineered flooring stands out is their good compatibility with underfloor heating, available in various wood plank widths, finishes, styles and species.
Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors
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