What Exactly is Laser Cutting?


Laser cutting was first used in the 1960’s to drill holes in diamond dies, great interest was shown and other applications of laser cutting were produced. Today, laser cutting is a common thing, it is used to cut through different types of materials, including metals, and also to cut patterns into the surface of various materials. The term laser cutting today refers to the process of cutting shapes or designs into sheet metal or other structural materials. The lasers are programmed using software and they cut, burn or melt the material, producing the required cut or pattern in the material.

The word LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification Stimulated by Emissions of Radiation. This means that a metal cutting laser intensifies light into a single narrow beam, which can be used to cut through various materials with power and precision, including metals. Lasers are an advanced technological tool for cutting and drilling. Not only do they produce light that is capable of cutting through steel, but they also have several other benefits.


Metal laser cutting requires extreme precision and accuracy. Metal cutting lasers  New York produced, can cut accurately, in any direction and even produce complex geometric patterns. High precision is extremely important when making products that need exact measurements in order to function, such as medical devices.


Lasers are versatile, when you need to perform laser metal cutting of different thicknesses of metal, a laser can cut all the different thicknesses with the same advanced complex cutting precision.


Tools That Last

When cutting, metal cutting lasers New York made, do not come into contact with the surface of the metal, so there is less damage to the surface of the metal or the laser itself. Using a laser means that there is no repair or maintenance to do.

Increased Productivity

When using laser cutting services New York, is very efficient. The metal cutting laser is programmed using software that will tell it where to cut. Therefore there is no pre-cutting of materials. The lasers can also be programmed to cut multiple pieces at once, drastically reducing the time it takes to complete a project.


Metal cutting lasers have high efficiency, it takes less time to complete projects, they are also environmentally efficient, and they reduce the amount of labor needed and the amount of electricity used. Laser cutting metal machines use approximately 80% less energy compared to other cutting services, there is less scrap metal, so less waste and therefore it is a more environmentally friendly process.

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