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What Causes a Lot of Flies in the House?

What Causes a Lot of Flies in the House?

The moment the weather starts to warm up the house fly seems to appear. From then on, it’s a battle between you and them for dominance of your home.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. With a little understanding and the right fly control devices, you can eradicate the flies from your home and actually enjoy the warmer weather!

Fly Danger

It’s important to understand flies are more than just a nuisance. They land on anything they think may be food and poke it with the long antenna at their front. This is what feels like you’ve been bitten.
They use their feet to assess whether it is food or not and then if they decide it is, they spit acid on the surface. This breaks down the substance, allowing them to suck it up.
Fly Danger

The problem is that they land on many different substances, mainly waste products, their feet and blood pick up a wide variety of diseases which they can pass on to you when they ‘bite ‘ you.

Attracting Flies

The first thing to understand is that flies are attracted to waste products and decomposing matter. That means your pet cat that is good enough to use the litter tray is actually part of the cause. In addition, all the small bits of food you waste on a daily basis are seen as delicious meals to flies.

The good news is that it’s very easy to remove food debris. You’ll need to invest in some plastic or metal containers, any open packet of food can be placed in these containers. You’ll also need to put unopened packets of flour and sugar in these containers as they can be easily attacked.

Next, you need to clean all the countertops down and disinfect them. To finish, put all waste in the bin and make sure it is sealed shut if the flies can smell or get to it, they’ll have no reason to invade your home.


Another common cause of flies is when they have settled in your home from the year before. House flies can breed from as young as 2-3 days old. If they find a nice spot to breed in your home they can breed and hide in your home as the weather cools.

When the temperature starts to warm up they are already in your home, ready to start infesting it more.

Getting Rid Of Flies

Getting Rid Of Flies
One of the best things you can do, aside from installing the electric device, is to give your home a really good spring cleaning, before the weather warms up. This should help you to kill off the flies before they start emerging and become an issue.


It is also a good idea to add screens to your windows and doors, this will prevent flies from getting in or even out of your home, restricting the issue and allowing you to deal with effectively.

Don’t forget that it is important to work out which type of fly has decided to call your house home; it will make it easier to deal with it.

If you’re really struggling with flies it is worth speaking to a pest control professional, they will be able to eliminate them for you.

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