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What are the Top 5 Kitchen Appliances to Buy in 2022?

Buying kitchen appliances used to be a simple affair. In general, every house had its white goods which consisted of a cooker, washing machine, and refrigerator. There would usually be a kettle and a toaster. Then microwaves were added to the basic list of appliances. These carried out their basic functions and nothing more.

Now though, there are smart appliances that talk to the household members. Refrigerators can prompt the user when certain items are running low. And cooker hoods come with TVs built into them. It seems that people have developed a newfound love for kitchen appliances and gadgets.

According to Statista, American households spend around $300 a year on major appliances and $150 on smaller units. This latter expenditure is likely to be on common items such as microwaves, toasters, and the ever-popular multi-cookers that are ubiquitous today.

If you are on the hunt for new appliances, which ones should you be considering? Do you need a TV in your kitchen hood, or do you want something to help you cook healthier food?

What five kitchen appliances are happening in 2022?

Any list is likely to be subjective, and this one is no different. However, every kitchen appliance here has been proven to provide value to the home. 

Air fryer

Adding an air fryer to your home can make a difference in how you eat in a big way. If you are someone who likes to eat fried food but is concerned about your health then an air fryer can be a big help.

Due to their cooking process, there is no oil used. Therefore, food cooked in the air fryer contains fewer calories and fat. They also come with different capacities to suit individuals and larger families.

One device that comes recommended is the Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL 5.5Qt. This air fryer for a family of 4 packs many features and has a good capacity.

Instant Pot

Some people believe that technology can help to save relationships. If this is the case, then the Instant Pot may be the embodiment of this statement. A multicooker could update a kitchen affordably and bring many benefits.

These multi-cookers have enabled many time-strapped couples and families to eat together. The appliance features many cooking modes, but slow-cooking means that meals can be prepared for when the family gets home. And pressure cooking means that meals can be made ready much faster than with other cooking methods.

There are a selection of choices on the market now for multi-cookers, but the original is still hard to beat. Be aware that different models carry different features, and it is important to choose a size suitable for your needs.

Rice cooker

These appliances are perfect for those that can never seem to cook rice properly on the hob. Buying one of these cookers may seem like a luxury purchase if you don’t regularly cook rice but there is more to them than you may imagine.

One rice cooker that keeps appearing in lists such as these is the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Rice Cooker. This is not the cheapest device on the market and some may balk at the cost of close to $200. However, anyone who cooks rice regularly may love the self-correcting feature this cooker has. This rice cooker senses how the rice is cooking and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This means that if the water levels were too high, or too low, the cooker will compensate.

Yet, you don’t need to spend this much on a rice cooker. A cheap standard rice cooker will work just as well, and you can do plenty more than just cook rice. Chicken, vegetables, fish, and other ingredients can be added to rice cookers. The net is full of advice on how to get the most out of your rice cooker.

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Sandwich press/toaster

When Breville first released their sandwich toaster it was a revelation. It swiftly became popular with all manner of people from students who didn’t know how to cook, to late-night revelers needing a snack once they arrived home, to anyone who just wanted to make toasted cheese sandwiches easily.

These appliances never go out of fashion, and the new models are stylish as well as practical.

The newer Toast and Melt models from Breville come in brushed stainless steel, and would grace any stylish kitchen. Unlike the old toasters, these ones can handle all kinds of bread. These even include baguettes. They can also make 4 sandwiches at once, so none of that waiting for your turn as in the past.


While this is a standard in most kitchens, you may be looking for a replacement. If so, then Samsung may have the answer. According to Reports and Data, Samsung is the largest selling brand in the US. It is easy to see why. Reliability and style generally surround their products, and kitchen appliances are no different.

The Samsung 40L 1000W Stainless Steel Microwave is stylish and large enough to cope with most applications including defrosting big portions of ingredients.

However, you might want something a little smarter. Therefore, how about the Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS). This highly recommended microwave oven links to Google Assistant and Alexa. It has a large capacity, is powerful, and regularly hits the number 1 spot on best-of-lists.


There are many great smart kitchen appliances you can buy online, and now it is possible to kit out this area of a home with devices that listen. Some cookers are voice-activated, and others can be controlled through wi-fi.

Some of the multi cookers come with apps that show recipes and help with cooking. Wifi-controlled dishwashers also exist as do smart faucets. It is possible now to have a faucet that only pours out the correct amount of water each time to help reduce waste.

The truth is, you could spend a fortune kitting out a kitchen for that wow factor with the latest smart appliances. Yet, you can make a difference to your home and your lifestyle by simply choosing one appliance to suit your needs. The air fryer for instance could change the way you eat, and a multi-cooker could help to bring the family together for meal times.

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