What Are the Main Benefits of Quality Staircase Lighting


Benefits of Quality Staircase Lighting 2

The choice of lighting is the ideal way to give your bespoke staircases in Liverpool or wherever you are in the UK the unique look and feel that you desire. Quality lighting gives you the chance to give your home a touch of class and elegance, not just on the staircase but in all parts of the property, from the kitchen to the bedroom and everywhere in between. When it comes to lighting the same principles apply to whatever room you are in. 

However, for the purpose of this article, we are dealing with the specific benefits of quality lighting on your staircase. It goes without saying that having a well-lit stairway is important for safety, but the benefits extend much further than that. The appropriate lighting choices for staircases can improve the area, give it a bigger appearance, and increase safety. Let’s examine some of the factors that should make indoor staircase lighting a top priority for you. 

Benefits of Quality Staircase Lighting 1

Quality Lighting Makes Your Staircase Safer 

Indoor stair lights give you the guiding light you need to make it up or down the stairs safely. Safety is likely the main reason you need lights on stairs. The extra lighting will be greatly appreciated by any family members who sleep upstairs and occasionally enjoy coming downstairs for a midnight snack.

However, you don’t have to turn on a tonne of hallway and staircase illumination to startle everyone else in the house. You might even take into account motion-activated stair lights. These won’t constantly need to be your bright ambient lights because they will only come on when movement is detected.

Why not consider additional options for lighting the stairs, like cool-lighting LED strips? This will allow the stairs to have adequate lighting without blinding anyone using them. 

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Naturally, the visual attractiveness of the property is taken into account in lighting design. The goal is to improve the appearance of every area of the house. In most homes, the staircase is used frequently, so it is worthwhile to take care of its appearance. A beautiful environment always feels more liveable, after all.

With the appropriate kind of lighting, you can change a lot about your staircase, whether it’s accent lighting for wall mirrors or artwork or simple recessed lighting to offer some more illumination.

Optimal Lighting Conditions

Making sure the lighting atmosphere is healthy is another consideration in any lighting design job. For example, healthy lighting in the workplace would involve a lot more than just using natural light to avoid headaches and tiredness, which are often caused by artificial lighting. However, stairs are a unique environment. 

Your staircase is more of a “passing through” space than somewhere you spend a lot of time. You still desire health, though. Think about smart lighting systems for your house that let you lower the lights. Alternatively, add task lighting, as we already advised. Walking up and down stairs at night benefits from less intense lighting, while glaring lights can wake up other household members. Subdued lighting allows people to use the stairs safely without disturbing anyone who is resting. 

What Are the Best Ways To Light Your Staircase?

You can light your staircase in a number of different ways, which include:

  • Wall Lights 

Since most staircases are close to at least one wall, this is a good choice for lots of homes. Additionally, walls offer a simple way to wire the lights, resulting in a seamless appearance and straightforward installation.

Popular stair lighting options include recessed and mounted lights, which are often put between 15 and 20 cm above the stairs. They not only have a stunningly clean and understated appearance, but they also offer your steps enough low-level lighting and have the potential to produce breathtaking effects.

There are numerous good uses for wall lighting, and the potential for colour cannot be disregarded. While colour-changing LEDs may not be for everyone, they can be programmed to produce an amazing variety of variations to match your mood.

Benefits of Quality Staircase Lighting 2

  • Lighting on Your Steps

The nooks, crevices, bends, and edges of your staircase are frequently used by step lighting to conceal the LED fitting and create a textured lighting design. Depending on the style you want, you may place lights either vertically on the riser of your stairs or horizontally on the tread.

Additionally, this method of lighting offers a high degree of safety. People using the stairs at night will have a clear path to follow if you illuminate each step or at regular intervals.

  • Lighting for the Bannister or Handrail

Adding a light strip along the length of your handrail or bannister is another option for illuminating your staircase. Despite the fact that doing so can create a dramatic focal point in the dark, there won’t be enough focused light to ensure sure-footed stair climbing. Therefore, if you combine this lighting technique with the one discussed before, you’ll have a staircase that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Handrails not only provide asthetic appeal, but they enhance the safety of your home as well. Nowadays, with so many options available at popular online stores such as TLB Metal Products, you can choose the one that best suits your decor.

Hopefully, the information contained in this short article will have given you food for thought if you are in the process of installing a new staircase and looking for options on how to light it.

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