Decorative Throws And Cushions – Inexpensive Ways To Add Style To Your Bed


Add Style To Your Bed 1

There are many ways to add style to your bed. One way is to layer cushions and throws. It’s an inexpensive way to add style without breaking the bank. Another is to use decorative quilts and throws. These items will not only add texture, but will also add a pop of color and style.

Layering Cushions

Adding layers of cushions, standard size decorative pillows and throws is a key element of creating a stylish bed. Whether your bed is standard or super king, layering them will add a unique flair to the room. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures to create a unique look and feel.

Adding a layer of cushion covers is a quick and easy way to give your bedroom a fresh look, and you can easily update your look by changing the cushions every season. Many homeware and fashion stores sell cushion covers in a variety of sizes and designs. Choosing a color, motif or style will help you find the right combination of cushions. For example, a bedroom inspired by ethereal style can benefit from soft curved cushions adorned with pom-pom detailing. If you want to achieve a more rugged look, consider a Mongolian sheepskin cushion, which is a great option for cottagecore bedrooms. Finally, if your bedroom is desert-inspired, choose cushions made from soft rough material or textured fabrics.

A layering strategy should be based on aesthetics and function. When choosing how to layer your pillows, comforters, and bedding, consider your theme and sleeping habits. Also, consider the type of fill material you want to use for your pillows.

Decorative Quilts

Add Style To Your Bed 2

Decorative quilts can add warmth, texture, and charm to your bed. They can come in a variety of colors and styles, and can range from simple patchwork quilts to elaborately detailed quilts. While choosing a quilt, consider your room’s style and how you plan to use it.

Quilts and coverlets both add warmth to the bed and are equally good choices for those who like a lot of layers. However, if you have a bed with a simple layer of bedding, you may want to skip the quilt and choose a simple coverlet.

Decorative Throws

Decorative throws from Essell Home are a great way to add an extra touch to your home. They are versatile and can be used anywhere. They are also very inexpensive, making them a great way to change the look of your space without spending a lot of money. Here are a few ways to style your throws to make them look their best.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bed, a faux fur throw is an excellent choice. They look great draped over sofas and beds, and they are a fantastic choice for the winter. A cotton throw is also a great option and comes in a variety of hues. The soft, light material will add a touch of warmth to your bed or couch.

A few important factors to keep in mind when choosing a throw are its size and thickness. The thickness of a throw affects how warm it is, how easily it can be folded and the way that it will look on the bed. Choose a throw that is appropriate for the size of your mattress.

Layering Throws

Add Style To Your Bed 1

When it comes to decorating a bed, layering standard sized throws can be a great way to add visual impact to the bed. It’s easy to create the illusion of a larger space by combining a smaller throw with a larger blanket. To achieve the perfect look, choose a solid or textured bed blanket that is shorter in length than the throw. Throws that have similar shades but different textures look best when they’re paired with a blanket with different colors and textures. If your throw has a fringed or ribboned trim, choose a blanket that complements the style.

You can also fold a blanket into a triangle or rectangle before layering it on the bed. This technique creates an oversized look, and is great for showing off patterned garments. This fresh method of layering throws is an alternative to the classic “foot of the bed” style. Lay the throw blanket over the mattress about two-thirds of the way down, allowing a portion to hang off the bottom.


Decorative throws can easily change the mood of your bedroom. You can use them in the summer to keep your bed cool while in winter you can use them to add extra warmth. You can even add plants and lamps in your bedroom to make it look more attractive.

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