5 Secrets a Home Security Installer Won’t Tell You


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The security industry is a lucrative one. If you have the right skills and resources, you can get paid a lot of money for installing and maintaining home security systems. However, there are some tricks of the trade that installers don’t want you to know about. Here are some secrets they don’t want you to know:

Alarm Systems Aren’t the Most Reliable

Most alarm companies will not tell you this, and many homeowners still believe that alarms are foolproof and can prevent crime. Unfortunately, they can’t do that. Alarms are only effective when they’re installed properly and monitored regularly.

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For example, if your alarm isn’t connected to a monitoring centre (which most of them aren’t), then it may not even go off when someone breaks in or steals items from your home. And even if it does go off, that doesn’t mean anyone will come to help you out of a bad situation!

They Will Not Tell You That Systems Are Improving

One thing that hasn’t changed much over the years is that alarm systems are still not foolproof. The technology has improved over time, but they’re still vulnerable to false alarms — especially when installed improperly or not maintained properly by homeowners.

However, many companies offer smart home security systems that connect to your smartphone or even have built-in cameras so you can see what’s going on at home, even when you’re away!

They’re Not Just for Protection Against Break-Ins

Many people think of burglar alarms as a way to prevent theft or vandalism, but they can also be used to protect against fire and carbon monoxide leaks. Most fire alarms are connected to the same central station as burglar alarms, so the fire department is called if an alarm goes off in your home or business.

It’s also possible for your security company to integrate with other smart home devices like thermostats and speakers so that they can trigger alerts when something goes wrong in your house or office building. Still, your home security will not tell you that.

You Don’t Need to Buy a New System Every Time You Move

Many people think they need a new system because they moved into a new house or apartment, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You often need a few new sensors, which can be installed by yourself for less than $50. 

You Can Save Money If You Install the Systems Yourself

You can get cheaper rates if you bundle your services with other companies and save money on installation costs by doing it yourself (DIY). Therefore, it might be worth contacting them if you’re looking for an alarm system but also have cable TV and internet access through another provider. In exchange for enrolling in their security monitoring plan, they will check to see if they offer any discounts on those services.

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Protect Your Home!

A home security system is an investment in your home’s safety, but it’s also an investment in your peace of mind. A good system will give you a sense of security, but it can also help protect your property from burglars and other threats.

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