What Are The Best Affiliate Review Sites?

Affiliate marketing is the process through which an associate earns commission through promoting products or services. These can either come from an individual or a company. It is a popular tactic that drives sales and gets significant online revenue. Therefore, it is beneficial to affiliate marketers and brands. A perfect example of an affiliate review site is SimplyBestOf.com. It is one of the best affiliate review sites. Additionally, it offers reviews of products in diverse categories such as beauty, health, sports, kitchen, pets, and electronics.

In this article, we provide you with four of the best affiliate sites examples:

  1. NerdWallet
  2. PC Part Picker
  3. The Wire Cutter
  4. Money Saving Experts

1. NerdWallet:


Nerd Wallet is an American personal finance company. In 2009, Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson started the company. This website aims to empower individuals to make reliable personal financial decisions. It highlights financial products in detail, such as credit cards, mortgages, banking, loans, savings, and insurance. It is one of the best affiliate site examples. The good thing about this portal is that it allows you to click on a compare button for any of the products they want. Therefore, it is popular because it contains stellar content, a good marketing team, and an effective user interface. If you are conflicted on any financial matter, you should consider visiting this website to find out what they say about your area of concern.

How does NerdWallet make money?

It is a 100% affiliate site that does not sell its products nor place any ads. However, it depends on promotional cash from big companies like Capital One, Upstart GEICO, and Quicken Loans.

What makes it stands out?

This website makes use of tools that attract links and brings traffic to the website. The company is always updating its key pages, which is a critical element in marketing. Consequently, it remains relevant to consumers.

2. PC Part Picker:


PC Part Picker is a comparison-shopping website. The portal allows users to compare prices and research compatible computer products stocked by numerous retailers. It is among the examples of great affiliate websites. PC Part Picker was created in 2011 by Philip Carmichael. However, in 2015 they decided to redesign it. The website also offers other services. They include photo alerts for price drops, filters for adjusting lists of components instructions, and sharing of build list.

How does PC Part Picker make its money?

This website has a custom build option that allows users to build their computer parts. Additionally, they can click on an affiliate link to order. It also does an individual review of PC components and advises consumers on the best buying decisions.

What makes PC Part Picker stand out?

It helps users to pick better PCs by recommending products on its website. It has a PC building tool that allows users to build PCs with no compatibility issues.

3. The Wirecutter:


It is an affiliate website that reviews the best appliances, gear, essentials, deals, and electronics products. It also analyzes other areas such as money matters, travel, and gardening. In 2011, Brian Lam started it, and in 2016 it was purchased for 30 million by the New York Times company.

How does the Wirecutter make its money?

This company makes money through product recommendations, and once a consumer buys the product through its link, it receives a certain percentage. It also answers questions and takes a cut from sales made because of the queries.

What makes it stand out?

This website focuses on and offers in-depth reviews on various products. However, it does not create multiple posts, which can be quite confusing.

4. Money Saving Expert:


This website is one of the most influential consumer affiliate websites that receives over 8,000,000 visits each month. Martin Lewis started the company in 2003 and was sold to Moneysupermarket.com in 2012 for a total of 87 million Euros. It is one of the examples of great affiliate websites. The portal offers information that can help you to make better financial decisions in terms of mortgages, credit cards, shopping interest payments, council tax, among others.

How does a money saving expert make its money?

Money saving expert makes use of several tactics to monetize. They include coupons, best guides, and cheap X guides. In coupons, money-saving experts list several coupons and deals for several retailers, and once it makes a sale, it takes a certain percentage. It also has a list of the best products, such as credit cards and banks. Once someone signs up with its affiliate links, it gets a certain percentage.

What makes it stand out?

The site has a well-organized design that enables users to browse through the different articles with ease. It also maintains a code of ethics which makes it stand out from other consumer finance websites.

These four sites are some of the best affiliate review sites that you should check. Make sure you visit them if you are looking for the latest product, and you will find a review on it.

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