WFH: A Guide to Creating a Unique Office Space at Home

Whether you are self-employed or work for a business, working from home has many benefits. Business on top, pjs on the bottom. No coffee rounds for everyone on your bank of desks. And no boss breathing down your neck. 

However, there are some cons. One of the biggest cons is space. You need a desk, a comfortable chair and storage, ideally in a dedicated room, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. So, to make that working from home experience a little more enticing, here we reveal some of our top tips to creating a unique office space at home, so you can WFH in comfort. 

Add a room divider

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If you don’t have enough rooms to factor in an office one solution is to split one room. Adding a divider can mean one half is the spare room when the in-laws come to stay, while the other half is your office. How you divide the room is dependent on your budget and time frame. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a great option or, if you have the fund, building a wall and creating an office space will work too. The only issue with the latter is that it will reduce the size of the room as well as taking time to create.

Build an office outside

If you don’t have any space in your home for an office, or you just want to keep your work life and personal life separate, you can build a designated WFH space in your garden. A metal shed gives you the perfect opportunity to create a comfortable area to work in. 

Whether it’s for an office with a desk or a creative space such as a photography studio, these can be easily created with a custom-built, made-to-measure shed. You can then add insulation and electricity to make it the perfect space for you all year round.

Think about furniture

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Once you have decided where you are going to base your office, you will need to think about the furniture. Built-in storage is a great option that utilizes all of the space in the room. You can even have your desk built-in either against the wall or coming out into the room (so you can choose which side to have your chair). 

If you want to have your office as a joint spare room, you can have a sofa bed at one side which can be a place for you to take calls or enjoy a break while also being available to be transformed into a bed when needed.

Don’t forget about light

One of the most important areas of office space is the lighting. Having a window in your office will allow natural light to flood the room, so it’s a good idea to not have blackout curtains or blinds. Instead use a thin fabric which, if you need to block out the blinding sun, will still let light pour in. 

When it comes to choosing the lights in your room, the spotlight can get a good balance of light around the room, while having a desk light can help give a boost if you’re reading or on video calls and want to light your face.

Ready to plan your unique WFH space? We hope some of our ideas can help.

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