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Ways You Can Decorate Your Garage Door During The Holidays in Denver

Now that the holidays are knocking on your door, decorating your house in Denver for the holidays has been a big tradition and nothing says the holidays have arrived than driving through your neighborhood and seeing the houses decorated. For garage door repair needs in Denver, contact Select Garage Doors. So, here are some ways that you can decorate your garage door during the holidays to better get into the holiday spirit.

  • Paint a mural

You could paint a mural on the garage door to ring in the season and make a big commitment and show off your artistic side to the whole neighborhood. Instead of something overtly Christmasy, you could consider using a winter theme instead so you could keep the mural up and enjoy it longer than just during the holidays. You can get inspiration from a Denver muralist who painted a garage door and called this project “Make Alleys Great Again”. 

  • String up light

You could try adding twinkling lights to the garage door for an even quicker decorating idea that you would be able to incorporate into your overall outdoor holiday decor scheme. You could run them around the frame of the door to ensure that you get the full functionality of it all season long and if you want, you could use lights with oversized bulbs to get the whole mood going.

  • Put up a wreath

A tasteful holiday wreath on the garage door is a great way to add just a touch of festive spirit, especially for those who do not want to overwhelm the house. You can go all out with glitter, holly sprigs, and even a snowman accent since a wreath is small.

  • Wrap it up

Driving down a holiday-decorated street or scrolling through your Instagram, you may have seen plenty of front doors that are wrapped up as Christmas presents and you could do the same. You could consider buying paper in bulk from your local craft store or even sew a few festive sheets together and add paint or tape for the finishing touches to save on your costs.

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  • Hang garlands

If you want to put something like a Christmas tree but do not have the space for an actual Christmas tree, putting up a garland is the next best thing. Putting up garlands would provide color and texture with more versatility. You could add accessories like lights, bows, and ornaments. You could have the garland over the top of your garage door and use it to make a fun pattern or spell out a name.

  • Use a projector

A projector in the yard that is facing the garage can let you put a whole holiday scene up for everyone to enjoy after nightfall, perfect for those who are only renting or those people who do not want to make permanent cosmetic changes to their houses.

  • Play holiday tunes

A way that you could play holiday tunes is through Bluetooth speakers since Bluetooth connectivity is everywhere, allowing you to play music anywhere from any part of the house. You could broadcast some holiday tunes as a part of your holiday decorations as long as it does not bother your neighbors.

  • Add fake snow

This is a great idea when you live in a clime that does not see much or any snowfall and create your own personal winter wonderland with fake snow. You could line the edges of your garage with some of the fake snow if you want to achieve the perfect winter-esque effect.

  • Use decorative magnets

If you are one of those people who do not want to go all out, this is another quick accent-type decoration. You have to keep in mind though if you would be going in and out a lot. You could test your door to make sure that the regular magnets would stick and the placement of the magnets on your garage door.

  • Apply vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers usually cling and they stay put together and are more durable than regular window stickers. You could spell out a holiday greeting with text or create a collage of your favorite winter characters like Santa, a few reindeers, and even a Christmas tree sticker.

Putting some festive holiday touches on your house and your garage door for your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy and add some wintry magic of the holiday season, making not only your household happy but anyone who drives by your house in the neighborhood as well.

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