Ways to Decorate Your Home in a Zero Waste Way

Your journey towards zero waste doesn’t start and end with consumables. And while most of our waste doesn’t come from household decor, there are plenty of ways to integrate zero waste principles into your home. 

Doing this will not only make your house look better, but it will also encourage zero waste practices at home. 

With that, let’s launch into some ways to decorate your home in a zero waste way.

Limit/Eliminate Plastics

If you’re still buying cheap plastic decorations, it’s time to stop. When you first start a zero waste lifestyle, one of the first things you get rid of are single-use plastics (and plastics in general). 

The same should also be true for your home decor. Not that you should get rid of all the plastic decorations in your home! When you say limit plastic, do it for your future purchases. 

Throwing out something still useful goes against the basic idea behind going zero waste. 

Cheap, plastic household items often discolor or get damaged easily. If you are thinking of furnishing your home for the long run, it’s better to purchase high-quality items that will last you a long time. 

The longer a piece lasts, the less the chance of you throwing it away. Thus, less waste! Additionally, you can always find digital platforms focusing on zero waste like Puratium, if you are looking for information on sustainable furniture

Buy Second Hand

Buying second-hand home decor is a budget-friendly way to decorate your house. Plus, you’re more likely to find high-quality items at a more affordable price if they’re used. 

Since budget is usually a major consideration, go for used but high-quality decor. These might look like they need a bit of work, but always keep your mind open. 

Well-loved items that have weathered the years well probably mean they aren’t going to break down anytime soon. Even so, always exercise caution when buying second-hand and always practice safety precautions. 

There are so many hidden gems you can find in thrift stores. You could even buy some from friends that are decluttering or downsizing. 

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Upcycle what you already have

Of course, let’s not forget about what you already have at home. Those cans and jars from your groceries can still be upcycled to add beauty and life to your space. 

You can use transparent glass jars for your pantry. No need to purchase brand new jars when you have ones at home that work pretty much the same way. Just arrange them properly in your kitchen, and we’re sure they’ll add to the area’s homely feel. 

You could also repurpose hard-to-recycle items. Instead of just throwing them away, why not make them into something new? If you have synthetic fabrics that you don’t know what to do with, there are plenty of decor DIYs you can do. 

You can create unique art pieces with some patterned fabric and a frame or use fabric scraps to create bowl coasters for your coffee table or kitchen. 

In the true spirit of zero waste, try to find creative uses for items in your house that would have just been trash if not repurposed. 


One of the absolute best ways to decorate your home and staying true to your zero waste principles is with plants! 

Having plants around your home can help boost your energy and make you feel more relaxed. Plus, those different shades of green foliage really add a pop of color to a room. 

Even if it’s just a small potted plant here and there, you’ll already be making a difference. As you grow used to taking care of plants, you can go on to cultivate bigger plants that might be more high maintenance. 

You don’t have to buy plants either! Check with your local community if there are any cuttings up for grabs. You could also do trades with some of your friends to add to your growing plant collection. 

On top of that, you can use our previous tip on upcycling what you already have. Make your own pots and containers with items that you can find at home. A little bit of DIY and effort will go a long way. 

Be Creative with Seasonal Decorations

But what about seasonal decorations? If you are a fan of decorating during special times in the year, you can still manage to do it zero waste! 

For one, use decor that you can store once the season is over. This means high-quality items that will be able to weather harsh conditions. 

You could also make some decorations yourself using compostable items. Plus points if you use paper goods that have already been used prior. Just make sure to use eco friendly glues or colors as much as possible. 

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The idea of zero waste isn’t exactly minimalist. However, the two do have similarities when viewed through a certain lens. 

If you’re looking to apply zero waste basics in home decoration, there’s no easier way to do it than by simplifying. You don’t have to crowd a space with decor that you’ll get bored with in a season or two. 

Instead, go for basics that add a fresh look to a room but don’t make it look crowded. 

Simplifying your surroundings not only makes your house look cleaner but also contributes to the zero waste mindset. The less clutter you have, the more you’ll ingrain the idea of mindful consumption within you. 

Moreover, if you don’t have a lot of time for upkeep, keeping the decor to a minimum is a great way to keep a space low maintenance. 


With just some small changes, you can make your home emulate the zero waste lifestyle you are living. 

Those tips aren’t mutually exclusive either! You can use them together for a broader set of ideas and decor pieces that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. 

Buy used, upcycle what you have, and integrate those items together! You might even be surprised by the results. 

And lastly, don’t go overboard. Decorating your home can be a fun activity. It’s like giving a new life to an area, and that feeling is irreplaceable. But, remember that zero waste is rooted in the idea of consuming less so you produce less waste. 

As long as you keep that in mind, you’ll be good to go! 

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