Ways to Avoid Costly Home Repairs (Infographic)

We often hear the phrase “there is no place like home” and “home is where the heart is” because it is where we gather, relax, and rest with our family and loved ones after a long, busy day from work. It is where we feel safe and secure (from adverse weather conditions, surroundings, crimes, and more) as well.

Unfortunately, no matter how durable a home is, it becomes susceptible to changes and damages over time. That is why regular home inspections and maintenance are crucial tasks for every homeowner – regardless of how small or how big your house is.

Aside from prolonging the lifespan and increasing the value of your home, regular home inspections and maintenance also helps you save time and money by addressing small problems early on, preventing them from developing into larger and multiple ones (that may also have a spillover effect on your neighborhood in the long run).

In fact, according to the national statistic on the Cash Value of Home Maintenance, every dollar spent on preventive home maintenance saves you a hundred on repairs.

Moreover, it also reduces the health and safety risks in your home. It helps prevent accidents like slipping, electric shocks, and moisture problems like mold growth, termites, corrosion, and fragile structures that may collapse in the event of an earthquake.

To help you protect the home that protects you in a way that will not burn your home repairs budget, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from All County Exteriors which details ways to avoid costly home repairs:

  1. Fix plumbing leaks early on
  2. Clean and seal outdoor decking
  3. Inspect the roof and regularly clear out gutters
  4. Inspect exterior paint and sidings
  5. Inspect foundation and concrete slabs for crack and fissures

To learn more about the ways to avoid costly home repairs, check out the infographic below:

Ways to Avoid Costly Home Repairs - Residence Style (infographic)

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