Wallpaper Trends Of 2021

2021 is here, and new trends in interior design are already emerging. Most likely, the new season will largely witness the return of vintage interior designs, with older furniture and elements made from recycled materials to create more sustainable and eco-friendly elements.

Each year introduces us to new styles and trends. This year can be called a year of wallpaper. Designers usually call it the clothing for the walls – it is this material that allows you to create a cherished atmosphere of home comfort. 

Even today, when minimalism and laconicism reign in the field of interior design with their painted walls and wary attitude to decor, wallpaper enjoys unconditional privileges – and retains the right to a variety of color combinations and charming in their graceful patterns.

Let’s have a look at the top five trends in wallpaper design. 

Wallpaper Trends2


Botanicals and tropics – in 2021 they certainly rule the ball. Such design looks incredibly effective and natural: a tasteful drawing, made on high-quality material, is a great way to soften the cold austerity of a modern interior or dilute the classic with a relaxed and stylish accent.

In the upcoming season, a lot of attention was paid to the size of the pattern. The designers’ decision is unambiguous: only a large, vertically elongated print.


A geometric pattern can do wonders with space. Whether you need to visually raise the ceilings or make the room more spacious, or provide the right background for furniture and accent details — the correctly chosen ornament can easily cope with the task. 

No sprawling, thick, and overly expressive strokes – only a fine, elegant grid, which guesses the mesmerizing orderliness and depth. Thin golden checkers or an ornament, resembling a chain or a Gucci logo. Repeating this rhythm in a pattern on a rug or decorative cushions can easily achieve undeniable harmony.


The most eye-catching solution in this design is monochrome – thanks to the muted mercury shimmer, it does not look flashy and excessive but creates a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. However, if this seems too much to you, then you may well consider wallpaper with a pattern – it can be stripes, floral patterns, or arabesques.

Wallpaper Trends3

Marble effect

While paper and vinyl wallpaper were previously thought to be unable to capture more complex natural textures, modern technology has made it possible to achieve perfection. In 2021, 3D effect materials entered the arena – and the goal was a natural marble pattern. Today they can be combined with everything from classic and art deco to minimalism and even loft.

Dots and Spots

The revelation of the year 2021 is the so-called “mottled” prints. But we are not talking about leopards here – everything is much more sophisticated. For example, terrazzo – a Venetian seamless mosaic floor made of cement and lime with the addition of colored glass and stones. Wallpaper with this print looks elegant and moderately playful, and also allows you to transform the space, creating the right mood even in a small bathroom.

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