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Among the many home appliances that are used daily around the house, the vacuum cleaner gets the most work done. Vacuuming a house is an intense activity that requires considerable time and planning; this has made vacuum cleaners indispensable machines, without which there’s not much that can go on around the house. 

But when a machine becomes this important, it means that the constant will eventually start taking a toll on its functioning capabilities. For the regular cleaner, this can lead to frequent inconveniences due to constant trips to the repair shop.

Did you know there are tons of factors involved in how long your vacuum lasts?  In the article below, we are going to enlighten you on these factors in detail to help you increase the longevity of your vacuum cleaner, so stick around to the end and learn a thing or two.

Factors that Influence the Longevity of a Vacuum Cleaner

Factors that Influence the Longevity

Vacuum cleaners are not built the same. They come in varying types, sizes, and brands, and each has its way of functioning that sets it apart from the other, and this impacts its overall longevity. The following are the factors that determine how long a vacuum cleaner will last you.

Frequency of Use

Like any other machine, the more you use the vacuum cleaner, the faster it will be approaching the end of its shelf life. There are types of people who cannot stand the sight of dust on any part of the house, and you will always hear the machine whirring away anytime they are around. This is what is considered heavy usage, and it increases the wear and tear of all the movable parts, among other things. Then there are those that can go an entire week or even more without touching their vacuum cleaners; these tend to last longer. As much as they are resilient, vacuum cleaners have their limits, and the harder you push them, the faster their lifespan.

Overall Cleanliness

A clean house doesn’t require much work as far as cleaning is concerned. Some homes have many people and pets. A house like this will always need cleaning more regularly compared to a house with a single occupant. There will be more food particles on the floor and dust everywhere due to the comings and goings of the occupants. Going more than two days without properly vacuum cleaning the house can be bad for your health. Constant cleaning leads to faster wear and tear. If you want to save your vacuum cleaner from an early death, then find ways of ensuring that your pets and the kids don’t bring too much dirt into the house. Some strict house rules may save you a lot of money.


How often do you conduct maintenance on your vacuum cleaner? When you have a machine that handles all kinds of dirt, it goes without saying that much of this dirt, especially dust, will get lodged in places that are not supposed to be. These can create friction between the movable parts, destroying the vacuum cleaner faster than it is expected. You have to regularly check your vacuum cleaner at least once a month. Newer models are coming out these days that are easy to take apart for in-depth cleaning and maintenance. If you can’t find the time to do it yourself, then take it to an expert to handle that important task for you.

The Brand

Vacuum Cleaner Longevity

You cannot ignore the brand of a vacuum cleaner when longevity is on the table. Some brands are simply better than others, and this is why high-end ones will cost you an arm and a leg. These are the brands that will last you years with nothing more than the regular maintenance checks once in a while. Finding the best vacuum cleaning brand may be a little more tricky than you may expect since each company tries to exaggerate what their product can do. The best way to get around these little obstacles would be to read online reviews and get direct referrals from people you know-how may have used it or continue to. This way, you can get first-hand information before committing your money to a particular vacuum cleaner.

Purchase Condition

People buy second-hand things all the time, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. In the search for a good deal, it is common to splash a few dollars on an excellent second-hand vacuum calendar from a yard sale. Still, you should be aware that you will be inheriting its problems, so do not act surprised when it starts breaking down immediately. Depending on how well the previous owner maintained it, you’ll most likely get some good years out of your second-hand cleaner before it finally throws the peace signs up. However, you will be served better going for a new vacuum cleaner from the start to annoy the full benefits of warranties and other things.


It’s a thing. Luck does show its hand when dealing with electronic machines like vacuum cleaners. You could get the most expensive brand around only to see it break down within minutes of using it for the first time. There are times you may choose to go with a cheaper brand, and you end up using it for a very long time without as much as a creak or a need for repairs. Many other factors combine to make or break a vacuum cleaner; you may do everything right by the book and still end up with a constantly breaking machine and vice versa. The bottom line is, sometimes things work how they want, and there’s very little you can do about it.


A dependable machine is everybody’s dream, and in a world where options are way too much, finding a vacuum cleaner that checks all the boxes is an underrated peace of mind. How long a vacuum cleaner should last is essential but not the primary priority; living in a clean house is what is important as that affects even your health. As such, cleaning should not be determined by how long you want the machine to last. Take your time checking out all the options before making a purchase.

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