Things you should know about Brick Repointing


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Brick repointing involves reapplying mortar in areas where it has broken down between brick joints. Brick masonry generally has a lifespan beyond 100 years.  Water penetration could cause structural damage to the brick mortar if exposed to extreme elements, like salt, air, and water.  In some cases, an old roof leak may also leave your chimneys in pretty bad shape.  The joints between the brick may be completely eroded, and as a result, the nearby support beam may start to rot.

Let’s understand Brick Repointing.

Masonry joints are critical to the structural integrity of your brick home. However, these joints may begin to weaken over time due to water and weather damage. It can also reduce your property’s value and safety to be at risk from water seeping through cracks.

To avoid these problems, a professional restoration contractor typically performs a restoration process. The crumbling mortar joints would be replaced to fill the voids after such repair.

During a consultation with a Fredericton-based residential and commercial masonry expert Atlantic Brick and Stone, they explained that different types of brickwork require different mortar. A professional mason will use only the appropriate materials to build or repair your brick home. It should always be the rule to “always replace the cement mortars with only cement mortars” and so on. Repointing bricks is time-consuming and messy. Therefore cover all your windows and doors with plastic during the process.


Why you need Brick Repointing Services

The following are some ways in which your red brick home may benefit from brick repointing. Here are three main benefits of repointing work.

Offer New Look

Mortar that cracks and crumbles can ruin the look and style of your home. By repointing bricks, you can easily make your home more beautiful. Besides cleaning your bricks, this technique can also remove the brick-deep stain from your walls for a more aesthetically pleasing home!

Protection in Rainy Seasons

The mortar will eventually break, allowing water to work its way into the house. As a result, moisture inside and outside of your home will damage the walls. Moisture promotes not only aggressive growth but also the development and proliferation of mold. Repointing bricks ensures your house is waterproof so that you and your family enjoy its comfort.

Increase home value

It is not easy to buy a home. That’s why you must do everything in your power to make sure that its value is preserved in the long run. Moreover, you can hardly accomplish that goal if the mortar is dead. Repointing, on the other hand, allows you to replace decayed brickwork with new and stronger mortar. This can increase the capital value of your home.

When to contact a restoration expert?

With your shiny brick house by your side all along, you feel secure and comfortable. No matter how harsh the weather has been, it has stood its ground. Brick houses can last for centuries! However, there are ways to make them last even longer! Are the bricks on your home suddenly starting to lose their shine and look dull and worn out? It is the time your property needs brick repointing work. Don’t wait and contact your nearest mason to avoid any further damage.

Are you hiring an expert?

If you have decided that you need brick repointing services for your property, make sure you will hire a skilled brick repointing specialist. Also, check online if they are experienced and also ask them for their previous work before giving the contract.

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