Using a Computer in Your Entertainment Hub

For many of us, computers exist as a tool above all else. They are useful, but they can also be confusing and cumbersome. Because of this, we can tend to relegate these devices to work and sequester them to an office. Even laptops, which excel in their mobility, are often ignored as entertainment centers in favor of the growing popularity of smart TVs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Exploring the real possibilities of this hardware, however, means that a computer could easily become a crucial part of your home entertainment systems, even when it’s not in the same room. Using some common examples, we want to examine how this can be done, and what advantages it can bring that those other systems can’t.

Linking to a Television

Linking to a Television

The reality of computer monitors is that they are usually smaller than our televisions, with fewer useful viewing options than many modern smart TVs, and they often lack built-in speakers. Naturally, this makes them poor choices as primary viewing portals. However, in many cases, it can be easily possible to instead switch computer output directly to a television, bypassing these issues.

The easiest and most reliable way this can be achieved is with a simple HDMI cable. This might require some cord management but otherwise is a very simple and viable solution. Another way this might be achieved is through a program called Miracast, or other screen mirroring software. Supporting many smart TVs, this system effectively lets you mirror computer output to another device over a home network. This can be achieved without cords to a television, provided Wi-Fi is available.

The Matter of Control

Once a television set is linked to your computer, you’re going to need a way to use your system from a distance. It is possible to use USB extension cords for this purpose, but we would instead recommend wireless mouse and keyboard combinations. These can easily be hidden away when not in use and allow all the functionality of a computer from the comfort of a sofa or recliner.

Expanded Potential

So, what can this combo do that a regular smart TV can’t?
Expanded Potential
The answer, in short, is everything that a computer can do. This solution is commonly used when certain apps are not supported by smart televisions, which is a problem many of us have faced. PCs are infinitely more open in this regard, making getting exactly what you want easier than via other channels.

One of these advantages is the possibility of access to more gaming opportunities. If you want to play no wagering casino games like those at CasinoWings, for example, you just head to the website and go. Blackjack, slots, and many other games, all on a big screen, and all from the best comfort which your house has to offer. This availability extends to traditional video games too, like those on platforms like Steam and Epic Launcher, and the hundreds of opportunities accessible there.

Even common existing video systems, like YouTube, can be greatly improved through a PC interface. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent countless frustrating hours working with typing in search information through a television remote, with the slow response time making annoying errors an inevitability. On a PC, though, you just type and hit Enter.

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As technology becomes increasingly interconnected, there is little doubt that utilizing a computer as the backbone of your entertainment hub will only become more common.

That said, this is very much an area where getting ahead of the curve can pay dividends in terms of expanded possibilities and lessened frustrations. Even if not possible for you right now, consider these elements when choosing your next upgrade, and you might be surprised at just how much can be gained.

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