Useful Tips For Styling Decorative Sofa Throw Blankets

Throw blankets may add a unique touch to your living area while also providing warmth on chilly nights. Select a blanket that is proportional to the size of the sofa. A vast blanket is necessary if you have a large sectional. On the other hand, if you wish to put a throw blanket on a loveseat or armchair,  you should get a smaller blanket. However, it would be best to learn how to make the blankets stand out and show your preference and style. In this post of Blog Block Of Gear™, we’ll give you some useful tips for styling decorative sofa throw blankets. I hope this guide will help you figure out your blanket style.

Decorating Sofas With Throw Blankets

Choose a colorful throw to add vibrancy

If your furniture is in a variety of hues, neutral throws are the most outstanding choice. Bright throw blankets, on the other hand, can add a bold touch to your living space if you have a solitary color palette. You can switch up throw blankets for sofas based on the season, using chilly hues (yellow, orange, pink, etc) in the fall and winter and warm colors (Raspberry Sorbet, Burnt Coral, Rust, Marigold, Illuminating, Green Ash, Mint, etc) in the spring and summer.

Add a textured throw pillow

If there is only one throw blanket on a sofa, it will appear monotonous and empty. Let’s add one or more throw pillows to make it more vibrant. A pair of throw pillows may make your throw blanket look more attractive while also providing you with a comfy place to rest your head. Rather than bringing in a slew of multicolored pillows, choose pillows that are the same color as your blanket. Instead, experiment with textures like sheepskin or velvet.

The quantity of pillows you add depends on how many people your sofa can hold. For more petite sofas, limit yourself to one or two pillows; for more oversized sofas and sectionals, feel free to add more.

Use the throw blanket to add contrast

An excessive pattern can be overstimulating, while too much simplicity can make a space feel stagnant or repetitive. Choose a single-colored blanket for patterned sofas. Solid-colored sofas look great with wild-printed blankets like tartan or paisley draped across them.

How to Fold a Throw

Throw blankets are a terrific way to liven up a sofa or chair by adding color and texture. But how can all those blankets look so perfectly wrapped across the back of the couch? You can choose from various folding methods, ranging from tailored to casual, to match your style. With a bit of practice, these tips can help you create a warm and inviting living room that’s excellent for curling up in. Let’s dress up your sofa using a throw blanket. We’ll show you the folding tricks you need to know for a perfectly styled display.

Tidy Blanket Folding Method

Fold your throw blanket in thirds lengthwise for a neat appearance. Next, fold the throw blanket in half lengthwise. Now you should have a neat rectangle. Place your folded throw blanket over one of the sofa or chair’s corners, smoothing it down if necessary. If desired, place a throw pillow or two in front of the sofa.

Flip-and-Flop Folding Method

Fold a throw blanket in half vertically, matching the corners for a more casual look. Then flop it over the corner of a sofa or chair by folding it in half over your forearm. Finally, arrange the pillows and blanket edges as desired.

Pinch-and-Toss Blanket Folding Method

For an effortless effect, fold the throw in half vertically once more, this time pinching the middle fold and tossing it onto the section of furniture you want to cover. It will land where you wish it with a quick flick of the wrist. Leave the placement alone if you’re happy with it, and add pillows for your attractive sofa. You can always pick it up and throw your throw blanket back if you don’t like how it looks.

Positioning Decorative Throw Blankets

Cascade Your Sofa Throw Blanket Down The Side For A Modern Look

Choosing a single side for your blanket is a simple, subtle approach to dress up a sofa. You can either throw the blanket over the side without folding it or fold it using one of the three techniques listed above. This option looks best when folding the blanket lengthwise. 

Place your blanket in the corner to keep things cozy

Fold the blanket throws for the sofa in quarters and tuck it into a corner to create a soft appearance. Anyone who wants to use the blanket will have easy access to it as a result of this. Instead of formal design styles, throw blankets in the sofa corner are ideal for keeping warm. Then, you can then place throw pillows on top of the blanket to keep it in place.

Fold your throw over the arm for a tailored look

Placing the throw blanket on your sofa’s arm for a cross between comfort and sophistication. After you’ve folded your blanket, twist it at the end draped over the arm as a personal touch. 

Drape your throw blanket horizontally if you use it often

In some cases, you might use your sofa as a makeshift bed for roommates or guests who visit your home on holiday, special occasions. For this purpose, you need to garnish it with a throw blanket to bring warmth for guests when they sleep on it. In this situation, your throw blanket should be easily movable without obstructing significantly with other decorations. Fold the blanket into thirds and place it over the back of your sofa.

Fold the blanket in half and drape it over the sofa for easy access

If you have a sectional, you can put the blanket over a footrest. Fold the blanket in half, short side to short side, to make a long rectangle. Then, lay it over the sofa to add texture. This method is popular and fashionable.

The Best Ways To Throw A Sofa Throw Blanket

You have beautiful sofas and high-quality decorative throws for sofas, but you don’t know how to how to style a throw blanket on a sofa to welcome holidays, special events, or even in daily life. Below are some of the most effective techniques to throw a sofa throw blanket.

the casually uneven throw

The Casually Uneven Throw

If your decorative sofa throw has fringe on the edges, this design is perfect for showcasing it. Pretend to fold the throw blanket in half vertically, but one side should be approximately 4 inches wider than the other. Drape it over the back of the sofa, exposing both edges. Create ripples in the top layer of the blanket for a comfortable look.

The Orderly Approach

the orderly approach

Try this “orderly” approach for a more organized look! Fold the throw blanket in thirds lengthwise, then drape it over the back of the sofa so that the bottom reaches the cushion’s base.

The Waterfall

the waterfall throw

It’s similar to the Orderly Approach, but it makes a bit more of a statement. Fold the throw blanket in thirds lengthwise and drape it over the back of the sofa, pushing it into the back crevice, and then over the front.

The Up & Over

the up & over

This is another simple but elegant design. Simply fold the throw blanket in half vertically twice, drape it over the chair’s arm, and tuck each side into the cushion.

The Nautical Knot

This method is a little different. It would look exceptionally well in a room with a nautical theme. Fold the throw blanket vertically in half and then in half again. Grab the blanket’s last third, wrap it around your arm, and pull it through to form a loose knot. Throw the blanket over the sofa’s corner and fan out the open end. Primp the knot as well.

The Lazy Throw

the lazy throw

The lazy throw is another classic style. Fold the throw blanket in half vertically, then drape it over the back of the sofa at an angle and stretch it out gently towards the bottom. For a casual aesthetic, create ripples on the top layer of the blanket.


One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to add flair to your living area is to use decorative sofa throw blankets. They are the ideal addition to your house since they are both practical and stylish. Never underestimate the significance of decorating using daily basics like throwing blankets when decorating your home. They instantly add flair and help a place seem polished and completed. 

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