Get Your Home Ready for Winter
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Use These Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter Just in Time

As colder months and the winter season begins to arrive, it is important to get your home into shape. When a home is not prepared for freezing temperatures, snow, and increased moisture, it can quickly lead to costly repairs and replacements that are entirely out of your household’s budget. Prepping your home for the coming cool months of the year is a way to maintain peace of mind while extending the longevity of the structure of your home.

Stock Up on Firewood

Stock Up on Firewood

If you use a real fireplace or intend to warm your home with wood, stock up on firewood ahead of time, stock up on firewood as the fall months arrive to get better deals and to avoid price gouging once temperatures begin to drop steeply.

Disconnect Hoses

Disconnect and drain all garden hoses you currently have attached and active outside of your home. Disconnecting and draining garden hoses ensures that they do not become frozen, leading to cracks or rusting before the warm weather arrives again.

Turn Off Outdoor Water Sources

Turn off all of the water sources you have outdoors next to or attached to your home. Outside water sources may include additional hose attachments, drains, and even sprinkler systems you have installed for both the front and backyard of your property. Turn off all outdoor water sources as temperatures get closer to freezing to prevent damaging or breaking your drains, pipes, and any other equipment you currently have installed outside.

Inspect Your Home’s Insulation, Doors, and Windows

Inspect Your Home’s Insulation, Doors, and Windows
Conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s doors, windows, and even the insulation you currently have installed throughout. Inspecting your home can ensure that you are not allowing airflow into your home even after shutting all of the doors and windows throughout your house. Additionally, inspecting and testing the insulation in your home is also essential to prevent wasting energy and overpaying on your heat and electric bills this winter.

Gutter Maintenance and Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is extremely important to keep in mind when you begin prepping your home for the upcoming winter months. Clean your gutters completely multiple times throughout the fall, especially if you have trees that surround your home. Cleaning your gutter is a way to prevent buildup and overcrowding, which can lead to permanent damage throughout the outside gutters of your home.

It is also highly recommended to clean your home’s gutters frequently, even after you have initially eliminated and removed most of the leaves, dirt, and buildup from your gutters. Cleaning your gutters at least once a month will help to make the task much easier and less labor-inducive.

Taking the time to get your home ready for winter just in time is a great way to minimize stress and worry once the cold temperatures arrive and begin to freeze outdoor surroundings. By taking these steps to prepare your home for the winter, spend more time focusing on upcoming winter activities and how to make the most out of the coldest time of the year.

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