Updating Your Home and Increasing Its Value without Breaking the Bank

There are many ways to update your home that will increase its value and make it easier to sell. Something as simple as replacing your front door can make your home look more appealing to prospective buyers as it makes a good first impression. Replacing your current front door with a new steel door might not sound like it would have much impact, but it can actually really help the exterior of your home look better and more appealing to prospective buyers.

Replace Your Windows

windows interior design

One of the often overlooked areas of your home to update are your windows. You can literally update the look of your home’s exterior by replacing your windows. Tips for your windows include installing a bay window in your bathroom or kitchen for extra light, extra seating, or extra storage. You might decide to replace old windows so they look more aesthetically pleasing. You should also pay attention to signs that they are not as functional as they should be such as when they are difficult to open and close. Newer windows are also safer than older ones that are easily broken by burglars, especially if you choose double-paned windows that are more difficult to shatter.

Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen interior design
Kitchen upgrades are known to real estate experts to be the number one home upgrade with the greatest return. While totally gutting your kitchen and other updates like replacing your cabinets and appliances can be very costly, there are some updates you can do to make your kitchen look newer and better such as:

  • Repaint your walls to add a clean, fresh look.
  • Paint your cabinets a neutral color to cover up scratches and nicks.
  • Swap outdated hardware with new drawer and cabinet pulls.
  • Paint old appliances to make them look new.
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Add Space

open space interior design
There’s nothing more unappealing than a home that is cluttered and has very little open space. The trend is towards wide open floor plans and big open spaces. After you have removed, thrown out, or put away all your clutter, you can make small modifications to your home to help give it that spacious feel. Try knocking out non-structural walls to turn two small rooms into one larger one. If your kitchen is small and you have an island for extra storage or counter space, you might want to consider removing it.

Let There be Light

Light interior design
Houses that have dark rooms tend to look gloomy and can hide more attractive features of your home. Try replacing your light fixtures with ones that use higher wattage bulbs to add more light to your rooms. Adding a decorative and functional ceiling fan not only provides more light to your room but also creates a breeze in the summer months that can reduce your need for air conditioning and lower your utility bills.

Update Your Bathroom

Bathroom interior design
Bathrooms are next in line after kitchens as the most important rooms in your home that you should update. There are many things you can do to give your bathroom a facelift that doesn’t cost a lot of money such as:

  • Replacing old or peeling wallpaper
  • Buying a new toilet seat
  • Re-grouting tiles and replacing chipped ones
  • Installing vinyl tiles or even sheet vinyl to cover up discolored or old bathroom floors
  • Adding new lighting fixtures

Update Old Rugs or Carpeting

Rugs interior design
Even though most people will want to replace the carpeting in a home they buy at some point, they will still be turned off to your home if they see your old or stained carpets or rugs. Rugs are easier and less expensive to replace but carpeting can be very costly. First, try getting a professional carpet cleaner because this is not very expensive and can often make your carpets look much better. If this doesn’t work well enough, you can try covering the really bad parts with area rugs. Another idea is to only replace the carpet in the rooms that show the most wear and tear in accordance with your budget.

Simple, low-cost upgrades or improvements to your home can really make a difference when it comes time for you to sell. Without spending more money than you have, you can still boost the value of your home and be able to sell it more quickly than if you were to do nothing to try to improve its value.

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