Unique Home Features You Can Find Only in Florida

When you want to buy a home and move to a different state or country, you can expect that that house will be somewhat different than your old home. Every city and state has its style and architecture, and certain types of homes are characteristic of certain areas. If you want to buy a home in Florida then you can go to Celebration Florida Homes for Sale. There you can purchase your dream house for your family. This often depends on the people who live there, but also the climate and location. Today we’re going to write about homes in Florida. What are the things you can expect from homes in the Sunshine state? Here’s the list of unique home features you can find only in Florida. Let’s start!

Types of homes in Florida

Before we dig into particular features of homes, let’s see what are the most common types of homes you can find in Florida. This way you can know what to expect when purchasing and adapting your new home in The Sunshine State. The most common styles of homes are:

  • Mediterranean – low-pitched roofs, stucco walls, and other characteristics that show the presence of European style. 
  • Spanish – again, another European-inspired architecture style, characterized by wooden casements, small balconies, flat roofs, terracotta, and clay details. 
  • Victorian – these narrow homes are very characteristic for the central part of the state, and include beautiful porches, as well as small windows, embellishments, etc.
  • Beach house – a logical choice for many Florida residents are the beach homes. These homes are modern, including open floor plans and big windows to maximize light during the daytime.

Even though these home styles are inspired by European and other architectures, most Florida homes have something unique. Let’s see the unique things you can find only in Florida homes and find inspiration for your new residence!

orange house in Florida

What are the unique home features you can find only in Florida?

Let’s see what are the characteristics you can expect from Florida homes, and the ones you need to include when adapting your new house. 

A lot of windows

We should start with a logical one. Many Florida homes have a lot of windows and verandas. Most of the time these windows are quite big. There are two reasons for this architectural detail. First of all, in Florida it’s all about the sun and natural light – the more the merrier. Big windows allow a lot of natural light into the house, so you can save on light fixtures and electricity bills. However, the Sunshine State’s climate also includes a lot of heat – windows and verandas allow air circulation and therefore reduce the heat in the house. And what’s a beach home without a fantastic view and the smell of sea breeze? Install more windows and you can enjoy a true Florida beach lifestyle.

windows as one of the unique home features you can find only in Florida

There are no basements – is there a good reason for it?

One of the unique home features you can find only in Florida is that most of the homes don’t have basements. Even though this seems strange at first, the reason behind it is very logical. Florida is known for severe weather conditions – you can expect hurricanes, water sprouts, tornadoes, lightings, and showers. These often make damage to the houses, and if they had basements, the damage would be even worse. So, to avoid additional water damage and retention, architects avoid adding basements in house plans. 

Outdoor spaces are important as much as indoors

As we mentioned, most of the home features are there because of the climate or certain weather conditions. Florida’s residents indeed enjoy large homes and open floor plans, but they also adore huge outdoor spaces as well. Having a big backyard, breathtaking patio or porch is something most of Florida’s residents have or dream of. The reason is very simple – why not be able to enjoy amazing Florida weather in your own house? Gardening, chilling, or having meals outside – many activities people enjoy doing on day days off. 

a big house that has one of the unique home features you can find only in Florida

Tiled roofs

Another feature you can easily spot when strolling around a neighborhood in Florida is very specific roofs. These are influenced by Mediterranean and Spanish architecture – again, areas with a lot of sunny days. Tiled roofs are very common with Florida homes for several reasons. First things first – it’s about safety. These roofs are quite sturdy and are more convenient during harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, these are great for isolation and make the inside of the house a lot cooler. Therefore, if you’re building a home in Florida – consider this type of roof system in your new house.

Moving to Florida? Start making plans!

Moving to another state is not an easy task, but it can be simple and stress-free. So, if planning to become a resident, make sure you start planning your move on time. Since theirs is a lot to do, be sure to start the organization process months in advance. This will help you be more relaxed when planning your time and budget since you have enough time to complete all the moving tasks. 


Depending on where you’re coming from, you will probably have to revise your old home and get rid of some of the items. For example, as you’re coming to a place with many sunny and hot days – saying goodbye to all the warm clothes is a logical step. Also, a general declutter of your home will be beneficial in many ways. 

Moving old furniture

As you’re moving into a new home, you will also have to revise your current furniture and see if it fits your new house. Consider all the measurements and the style of your new home, and see if you need all of the current items or if some of them need an update. 


In the end, the move-in process should be fun and exciting for you. It’s okay to consider these unique home features you can find only in Florida and make your new home more practical and safe. But when it comes to the final touches and convenience of your home, be sure to pick styles according to your own preferences and lifestyle. This will ensure you enjoy your new home much more.  

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