Chest Of Drawers: Types And Color Options To Explore

Drawer chests are created to store clothes, personal items, accessories, and numerous other kinds of stuff. Having a drawer chest in your house will provide you with extra space when you do not have limited storage in your wardrobe. It will also help you keep all your things organized so that you do not have to look for things that you require the most. 

The chest of drawers stands out as a multi-purpose piece of furniture that you place anywhere in your home and comes in numerous designs, styles, and colors. They are also made from metal, plastic wood materials and come with a bunch of drawers accumulated one above the other.

Types of drawer chests to explore

The drawer chests come in a variety of types, which makes it ideal for both traditional and contemporary households. Given below are some of the most famous types of drawer chests. 

  1. Bachelor’s Chest: The Bachelor’s Chest is a type of drawer chest, which carries a minimalistic design. It features a single column of drawers in a squat and narrow frame. These types of drawer chests had slanted surfaces for writing, but the majority of them come with a horizontal surface these days.
  2. Gentleman’s Chest: The gentleman’s chest is a configuration where the drawer column is paired up with a big vertically-oriented cabinet door. This particular chest provides plenty of space to store suits, pants, and all other types of clothing. Along with that, you can also store personal products and items.
  3. Standard Vertical Chest: Tallboy or vertical chest is taller than the standard drawer chests. It comes with a double stack of drawers compromising a column-shaped piece of furniture. On certain occasions, the upper part of the vertical chest is replaced with a cupboard, which completely transforms it into an armoire. 

Color options available for chest of drawers

The drawer chests are available in many unique and beautiful colors so that you can decorate your home interiors without any hassle. Some of the most popular and rare color options for drawer chests are given below.

  • Greige: Greige is a well-known color that includes greys, taupes, and traditional beiges. You will come across drawer chests that carry this particular color and will make a room appear timeless and classic. Greige tones are excellent colors that can balance well with other bolder colors available in your room.
  • White: White is an elegant color. White drawer chests will give out an impression of elegance, class, and organization. Along with that, white is a clean, timeless, and quaint color as they match perfectly other colors like brown and neutral shades. 
  • Green: Green is a type of color that delivers energy and surprise. Green color drawer chests will complement well with yellow and blue interiors as it will enhance the beauty of the room and make it appear more welcoming. 

Final words!

Drawer chests are one of the best pieces of furniture that will help you keep your room well-organized, clean, and tidy. You can store all your essential items and are ideal for the bedroom and children’s room. There are numerous types of drawer chest available in the market, and you can opt for that matches with your requirements.

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