Unemployment in Oklahoma: Reasons, Benefits, and Eligibility

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Unemployment is a harsh reality that is never easy to face. It is a struggle that takes a lot out of you. The massive layoffs of 2012 affected many and while the economy has stabilized since then, there are still many people who lose their jobs and face unemployment. And many such Americans who find themselves out of job without any fault may qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Unemployment Insurance (UI) provides temporary financial assistance to unemployed individuals who lose their jobs through no fault and qualify for the benefits according to the State law. These laws differ from state to state and the procedure to file the claims also varies.

Reasons for Unemployment

Reasons for Unemployment
Some of the main reasons for getting fired or laid off from work are:

  • Layoff by Employer

You can qualify for unemployment benefits if you were laid off, or the organization was downsizing for economic reasons, or the organization had a reduction-in-force.

  • Firing by Employer

If your employer fires you because you weren’t a good fit for the company, or you lacked the skills to perform the job, you may qualify for unemployment. So, can you draw unemployment if you get fired for attendance ? Certainly, if you were chronically absent from work due to illness or other justifiable reason, you may be eligible. However, if you’re fired for misconduct like dishonesty, violating a safety rule, neglecting or willfully violating your job duties, or unexplained and uninformed absences, you will not be eligible for the benefits.

  • Quitting For Compelling Reason

If you quit your job without any substantial cause, you are not eligible for getting the benefits. Under Oklahoma law, if your reason for leaving is justifiable and unavoidable, you may qualify. For example, if you quit because you were forced to work in unsafe conditions or you were suffering an illness or caring for a family member, it may count as a justifiable cause. However, you must be able and available to work when you apply for benefits.

Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility


Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility
The Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program benefits provide you temporary income while you’re unemployed and looking for work. The basic rules for this program are similar across the country. However, the benefit amounts, eligibility rules, and other details vary from state to state. According to the US Department of Labor factsheet, you need to fulfill the below-given criteria for eligibility to avail these benefits.

  • Unemployed for No Fault

You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. This means that you are out of work due to reasons that are beyond your control and have no fault of yours like a reduction in work force or company layoffs. However, dismissals for gross misconduct are not eligible for these benefits.

  • Qualify for Unemployment Insurance

To claim unemployment benefits you must first qualify according to the law. For this, you must meet your state’s requirements for the time you worked and the wages you earned. Oklahoma law states that you can receive benefits only if you have worked in the preceding year and earned wages equal to at least 10 times your current year’s weekly benefit amount.

  • Able and Available to Work

You must also be able, available, and actively looking for work to be eligible for the claim. If you’re still ill or unable to work when you apply for the claim, you will be disqualified.

Americans who lose their job due to no fault can seek help from the government through unemployment benefits. The process of filing for unemployment has become more streamlined and easy. However, you should consult an experienced lawyer for any questions or information.

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