Types of kitchen cabinets: a quick look at the basics


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A modern kitchen cannot work without the kitchen cabinets neither can the chef work without them. Kitchen cabinets have variations- they can be budget-friendly or can as well be costly. However, you should not cut down your budget when it comes to kitchen cabinets because they are responsible for making your kitchen look tidy. So, here are the primary varieties of kitchen cabinets. 

Base cabinets

The kitchen cabinets which are positioned on the floor are the base cabinets. Also, you can place a sink in between them. They help in supporting the countertop. These cabinets are gifted with versatility. They have shelved cabinets, pull-outs, lazy susans, think drawers, etc. 

Also, these cabinets help in defining the kitchen layout or plan of the floor. Hence, these cabinets are the costliest among all other kitchen cabinets San Diego


Base cabinets serve various storage necessities. From storing appliances, utensils to crockery and cutlery, you can keep the whole kitchen world within them. As it is stretched all through the kitchen base layout, this covers a broader arena and provides more space for storage. 

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You can make these cabinets out of plywood or fibreboard or natural wood or steel. Take out the best sample that suits your kitchen beautifully and create your heaven within the four walls. 

Wall cabinets

Most of the movies boast luxurious kitchen cabinets, and watching those, we start weaving our world in mind. We have seen actors pulling out cooking ingredients from walled cabinets, and that fantasy of pulling out a door to see stacked ingredients is huge. So, if you want to make that dream come true, you can build a wall cabinet for your kitchen as well. 

Mounted on your kitchen walls, wall cabinets form the most decorative and appealing part of the kitchen. Even the cabinets can touch the ceiling, and there, you can keep materials that you do not use frequently. 


Don’t put bulky things on it because that might create pressure on the cabinet. Otherwise, go easy with storing kitchen appliances and accessories. Also, you can keep ingredients such as salt, sugar, and spices. 


Here also you can apply wood or plywood for making the wall cabinets. Steel wall cabinets usually are less durable. So, it is best to use wood. 

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Tall cabinets

The last two types of kitchen cabinets are the most common type seen in almost every kitchen, but tall cabinets are not as frequent. 

These are commonly called pantry or utility cabinets that can either touch a ceiling or be free-standing furniture. A taller cabinet also eats up a lesser amount of space. Hence, you can accommodate other furniture in your kitchen. 

Alongside, you can store appliances as well as accessories within the kitchen cabinet. They also help in categorizing the unmanageable substances in the tall kitchen cabinets. 

You can embellish your tall cabinets by glass door as well. Or you can keep it out of doors also. Just put some sliding glasses on the cabinets, and you can easily visualize what you have placed where. This reduces your task in messy cooking hours. 


This is the safest place to store heavy items such as sauces, cereals, pickles, grains, sugar. Also, you can keep cleaning items and find a secure garage for your appliances like ovens, microwaves, blenders, and grinders. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you find it challenging to organize your kitchen space, cabinets are the best way out. 

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