How To Personalize Your Kitchen In 6 Easy Steps



Out of all the areas in your house, one room that looks almost the same as your neighbors is your kitchen. You’ve probably read many magazine articles telling readers about designing unique living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathroom designs. It’s not always like that for the kitchen, though. Most kitchens are often filled with monotonous appliances, with cabinets in one color and the popular laminated countertop. Thus, some homeowners don’t like showing off their kitchens to their guests. 

The thing is, kitchens are considered the heart of your home. That’s the space where you make meals, prepare food, and feed your friends and family with good food. Thus, you deserve to have a kitchen that’s not only functional and worthy of showing off but also one that reflects your personality and style.  

If you’re planning for a kitchen remodeling, here are six easy steps to help you personalize your kitchen so it can stand out from the rest of the kitchens in your neighborhood. 

Consider An Island Kitchen 

You’ve probably had that same one-wall kitchen layout for several years, and not just you but your neighbors, too. To switch things up, consider adding an island kitchen. This added extension will give you more space for your family or guests to join in the meal preparations. You can also add stylish chairs around the island so people will have a place to sit if they also want to dine there.  

Besides the added style factor, a kitchen island will also give you additional space for your extra appliances or as storage, or it can even be used as a separate workstation. Overall, the island will surely be a stylish highlight in your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Cupboards And Cabinets 

You don’t need to stick with the standard kitchen cabinetry, wherein all cabinets and cupboards look exactly the same. So, let your personality shine through your cabinets by adding door designs and patterns. You can also play mix and match with your cabinets and dishware. For instance, if you’re fond of collecting patterned and colorful dishware, make sure your cupboards have a more conservative design. Meanwhile, if you’re collecting one-colored dishware, pair them with personalized cabinets and cupboards. 

Painting your cabinets with vivid colors is also enough to boost your kitchen’s atmosphere. Therefore, stop making your cabinets look like a wallflower and start experimenting with new colors. Just be careful not to overdo your designs to prevent them from clashing with the other kitchen furniture. 

Kitchen Design

Update Your Lighting 

One feature that many homeowners often neglect is their kitchen’s lighting. Some would just settle with one light bulb at the center of the room, enough to give light during your meal preparations. Little do some of you know that your kitchen lighting can be an excellent focal point, too. So, remove that one old light bulb you’ve been using for years and invest in a new lighting fixture.  

For example, for a rustic vibe kitchen, consider using large industrial pendants and place them above your island countertop. If you’re looking to achieve a happy and playful vibe, hanging a pink lampshade pendant will help bring life into the space. If you want something exquisite, you can use customized glass-made pendants to light up your kitchen. Adding new light fixtures will bring a new character into your kitchen in no time. 

Add A Conversation Piece 

Besides the living room, your kitchen is also one of the most visited areas, especially if your guests love to get involved in food preparations during group gatherings. Hence, other than the extra appliances you have in your island kitchen, consider adding a conversation piece that will make your guests talk about your personalized kitchen. You can add a bouquet of flowers, a set of arranged scented candles, mason jars, a candle holder, or even your framed family photos. These items will make for a more inviting and heartwarming kitchen. 

Add New Colors 

One easy way to add personality to your kitchen is by simply painting it with new colors. While neutral and minimalist colors are the current trend, a pop of color will add an interesting contrast to your room. Thus, consider changing the colors of your kitchen, especially if you’re starting to get bored with neutral colors. This can set the room’s tone and result in a brighter and bigger kitchen.  

Splurge On Fancy Finishes  

Your doorknobs or faucets may not be the first thing to come into mind when it comes to kitchen changes. However, you might be surprised how a change of faucet can significantly influence the entire kitchen space and might even spark attention from your guests. Thus, if you’re up for it, you can splurge on some fancy finishes by upgrading your faucets, cabinet knobs, and cupboard handles.  


Trying out one or more of these changes will help you succeed in personalizing your kitchen and making it a unique one. Therefore, get ready to start remodeling, plan your new kitchen upgrades, and make your kitchen represent you.

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