Six Things You Need to Do After a Dog Bite


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A dog can be your greatest friend and still bite you. Sometimes dogs are friendly and playful, while at other times so hostile that they might attack and bite you. If another person’s dog bites you, you may want to sue for a dog bite. The dog owner is liable to compensate you even if the injuries caused by their dog are minor. 

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dogs bite for various reasons. Sometimes a dog can bite you because it feels threatened or even provoked. Think of a mother dog, it can be hostile in order to protect its puppies, and if you are not careful, it can bite you. An injured or sick dog can bite you if you touch it. Guard dogs, however, can bite you if you are a stranger because that is what they are trained to do: attack.

If you are a dog lover, you will still keep a dog despite the risks of being bitten. That is why you need to know what to do if a dog bites you. Read on to learn about six things you need to do after a dog bite. 

Clean the Wound

It is wise that you immediately clean the wound if a dog bites you. You will need to wash your wound with soap and clean, warm water for at least five minutes. Washing the wound is so critical in reducing the chances of getting infected by various bacterial infections.

Apply Pressure to Slow the Bleeding

Sometimes a dog bite can be so deep as to cause bleeding. If you are bleeding due to a dog bite, you need to slow down the bleeding. You can use a clean cloth and press it over the wound to slow down the bleeding.

Get Medical Attention

Dog bites are accompanied by risks of deadly diseases like canine distemper, parvo, heartworm, and rabies. If you suffer a dog bite, consider getting a medical professional to examine you and administer preventative care to guard against these infections. Getting medical attention cannot be emphasized enough after a dog bites you. 

A doctor may also give you various recommendations concerning recovery. It is essential that you follow those recommendations for a speedy recovery.

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Take and Keep Photographs

You may want to sue the owner of the dog for the injuries caused after their dog bites you. Taking and preserving photos of the wound will be essential in filing a case in court. The pictures will act as evidence that a dog injured you.

Keep Records

You will need a record if you want to sue the owner of the dog that bit you. You will need to keep a journal on when, where, and how the dog bit you to prove your case. Also, maintain medical records to show that you received medical treatment and all the bills you incurred.

Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you need to take a dog bite to court, you need a dog bite lawyer. A lawyer will advise and direct you on what you need to do to get compensated by the dog’s owner or their insurer.

Know What to Do

Dog bites cases are common among dog owners. Despite the risks of being bitten by a dog, dog lovers will still keep dogs.This puts everybody at risk of a dog bite. Therefore, having the correct information before a dog bite might help if you get bitten by a dog.

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