Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Purchasing a new overhead door for your business is a big step in protecting your investments. Houston overhead doors provide high-quality commercial doors for different purposes. These doors do more than offer passage to people as they allow access for loading and unloading of items and provide security. Commercial overhead doors should be reliable, durable, functional, and secure because they can be opened or closed up to 50 times a day.

Different types of commercial overhead doors vary based on individual business needs. Each of these doors has unique benefits and will come in a wide array of materials, sizes, and shapes. Here are some of the commercial overhead doors to help you select the ideal one.

Roll-up doors

Roll-up doors are designed to save time, money, and energy by rolling up or down. They are made from interlocking metal slats that coil around a drum to open and close. These doors are an excellent option for a potential commercial overhead door due to their versatility. They come in stainless steel, interlocking steel or aluminum curtain options, wallowing the doors to be designed with various profiles and finishes.

The best application of roll-up doors is at the interior and exterior openings. It provides thermal protection, weather and wind protection, and low sound transmission due to the heavy materials used to make them. They are built to withstand heavy usage due to the heavy-duty nature of the roll-up model. Other benefits include a weather seal at the bottom that forms a barrier against insects, weather, and rodents.

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Fire doors

Fire overhead doors work similarly to roll-up doors where they are lowered and raised manually or using motorized equipment. However, the fire-rated doors are better placed to protect your property as they are designed from thick steel. These overhead doors are fire and noise-resistant and are designed to offer fantastic insulation to your property. They feature maximum energy efficiency with fast opening and closing speeds.

The fire doors are easily customizable to fit different building scenarios. This is why they can be found in parking garages, warehouses, and mills. The best thing about fire doors is their auto-closing functionality in case there is fire.

Sectional doors

The sectional doors are created from galvanized steel panels to resist rust and harsh temperatures. The overhead doors are constructed of strategically placed panels into sections and connected whether the door is closed or open. The panel sections are connected with hinges that allow the door to open and close as the wheels at the edge of each panel roll inside a vertical track. The hinges bend over a curved portion of the trail that allows the door to sit parallel to the ceiling when completely open.

The best thing about sectional doors is that they save a lot of space. They also help preserve a consistent indoor temperature while preventing airborne pests and flying insects from entering the workspace. The sectional door is mounted to the vertical face with the door track hanging from the ceiling. This means you open the garage by rolling the door up and close by rolling it down. They are the most popular garage doors in the United States,

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Security grilles

The security grilles are made of aluminum or galvanized steel to offer state-of-the-art security features. They are available in side-folding or upward-coiling models, designed to provide advanced design and safety features. The grill panels can either be glass or metal material that runs along vertical or horizontal tracks. The side-folding grilles are the lowest profile units that provide your property with complete closure to form a safety barrier against theft.

Grille doors are used to provide an extra measure of security to many commercial buildings. They are usually secured by aluminum or galvanized steel and advanced design to fit different consumer preference of color and patterns. This means you can specify the type of garage door you need, such as an open-air design or electric motor operation.

Bottom line

If you are in the market for commercial doors, Houston overhead doors provide customers in the Houston area with superior commercial garage door services. If your home has a front-facing, attached garage, you need to select the right type of commercial overhead door. These commercial overhead doors can help deal with any issue of burglary problems affecting businesses.

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