Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

From small shops and cafes to large malls and public buildings, almost all commercial establishments use air conditioners. To accommodate diverse cooling needs, ACs also come in different types, each with their own unique system to get the job done.

Commercial air conditioning units are either wall or ceiling mounted. If you’re planning to buy one, here are the different types you can choose from.

Split System ACs

These are compact and affordable cooling units. Split system ACs are best suited for small-sized establishments, like retail stores, cafes, private offices, server rooms, and tiny cozy spaces.

Just as the name suggests, split ACs come in 2 parts. One is an outer component that sucks air and acts as the exhaust. The other is wall-mounted inside the establishment, which has the condenser, compressor, blowers, and temperature control.
Split System ACs

Split ACs are best if you have a small retail store. They can help you save up on electricity bills as they consume much less power than bigger types. Plus, the size also means you can set them up almost anywhere, making them space-efficient.

Multi-Split ACs

These are air conditioning units that consist of multiple split ACs. You can commonly find them in offices, shops, clinics, and restaurants.

Multi-split ACs work just like split ACs. They have an outdoor and indoor component; but, what sets this type apart is that multiple units can be connected to a single system. So, you can install them in different locations or rooms. You can also control the temperature in each one. Also, they can be either wall or ceiling mounted, depending on your preferences.

But, since multi-split ACs can consist of different components that are interconnected in a single system, they need more complex pipe- and ductwork. Installations can also take longer and cost higher the more units you want to set up.

Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs

Also known as VRFs, these are HVAC systems that use a heat pump when producing cool or hot air. This technology allows them to create varying temperatures, depending on what the establishment needs. Also, these air conditioners are mainly designed for medium to large buildings, like hotels, storage spaces, and department offices.

VRFs have a centralized system that consists of ductwork. However, the main temperature control unit can simultaneously provide cool and hot air in different rooms, making them ideal for establishments that have varying needs.
Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs
They’re also efficient as they recover waste air from different rooms, recycling it to other areas. This can help you save money on electricity bills when compared to buying separate cooling and heating units.

These are the 3 types of air conditioning systems used in stores, offices, and similar establishments. For help with air conditioner repair in Pittsburgh PA, talk with your local HVAC provider.

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