Turn a Simple Apartment into Something Decedent With These 5 Tips

Is your simple apartment in desperate need a major makeover?

Small spaces can be stylish, too. In fact, with a little effort, you can turn your lackluster apartment into a stunning layout that’s dripping with decadence.

Hard to believe?

Read on for easy tips to transform your dull apartment into a designer’s dream!

Living Large In Less Space

While apartment living may be getting more expensive in the U.S. (average rents are 28% higher than they were a decade ago), dwellers aren’t necessarily getting more for their money. The average apartment in the United States is less than 900 square feet. And, new apartments have shrunk an average of 52 square feet from those built ten years ago.
Living Large In Less Space

You might not have as much square footage to work with if you live in an apartment. Still, there’s no need to settle for less-than-luxurious digs. With a new-and-improved design strategy, you’ll be living large in no time.

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Simple Apartment

Ready to take your home from drab to decadent?

Here are some style-savvy tricks to jumpstart your apartment’s stunning transformation.

1. Brighten Up Boring Walls

Today’s best apartment color trends are bright and cheerful hues of pink, lavender, blue and yellow.

The flat white paint featured in many apartments makes walls boring, at best. The newest neutrals are elegant shades of chocolate and gray, instead of the uninviting Commerical color schemes of yesteryear.

Beautiful, rich colored walls are the perfect palette for simple, but stunning apartment style.
Brighten Up Boring Walls

2. Make Way For Minimalism

When you’re living in a small space, it’s easy to let clutter pile up. Even trendy furniture and decor can look crowded and busy if not thoughtfully arranged.

Keep clutter to a minimum with furniture that doubles as storage. And, choose your favorite furnishings carefully instead of cramming your apartment with unnecessary “stuff”.

Less is usually best when filling a small space. Use only items that you need or love and toss or sell the rest.

3. Bold Pieces Make a Big Impact

Instead of choosing less-impressive knick-knacks and furniture that crowd walls and floor space, stick to one or two bold pieces in each room.

Items such as a jewel-toned couch, a dramatic piece of artwork, or a lavish area rug draw attention without adding unnecessary distractions that merely take up space.

4. Rich Fabrics & Textures

Use rich fabrics and textures to make a style statement. Plush velvet pillows, bamboo shades, and natural woven linens can add depth and dimension to your home.

Decorators often opt for slipcovers or valances made from cheery vintage fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind look and freshen up old furniture and windows. Plus, these make for easy do-it-yourself projects that can be completed in just one weekend, even for those without prior sewing experience.
Rich Fabrics & Textures

5. Luxurious Light Fixtures

Standard-apartment light fixtures can be switched out for fixtures that look beautiful and match your home’s decorating theme.

Industrial metal lighting is a hot trend that looks right at home in urban lofts. An antique chandelier is an elegant choice for your apartment’s dining room. Chandeliers can even be a beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom.

Creative lighting is a brilliant way to let your personal style shine through in small spaces.

Want More Easy Interior Design Tips?

A few of these eye-catching upgrades are sure to make your simple apartment look simply stunning.

And, if you want more easy interior design ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our website for more tips that’ll breathe new life into any dull living space, instantly!

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