7 Tips to Take Care Of Your Essential Home and Laundry Equipment


Your Home and Laundry

Taking care of your home laundry equipment helps you handle laundry in a much more civilized manner. Plus, these devices need a lot of extra service because they are used every week. Read through the tips listed below so that you can learn how to take care of your laundry equipment in a simple manner. You can do quite a lot of the work yourself, and you can call in a professional repair technician when needed.

1. Make Sure The Cycles On Your Washer And Dryer Work

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If you set the washer or dryer to do a particular thing, you must make sure that it does what it was set to do. When certain settings on the machine stop working, you need to have it serviced. If you hear the washer or dryer make an odd sound that you have never heard, this is also an indication that the cycle or setting is not working properly.

2. Do The Same With Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher will make odd sounds when it is not functioning as it should, and you can see when the dishwasher has not cleaned your dishes properly. Because of this, you need to contact a professional when you realize the cycles are not working as they should. There are some things that you can check and fix on your own, but you need to know what to look for.

3. Check The Dishwasher Racks And Sprayers

The racks and sprayers inside the dishwasher must fit into the dishwasher perfectly. Plus, the sprayers need to be attached tightly to their respective pipes or hoses. Some sprayers simply dangle from the hoses because they have shaken loose over time. Tighten the screw on the sprayer so that it will hold. The same is true when you are checking the racks. If they do not fit, you have bent the rack or the track is damaged.

4. Check The Drain Hose On The Washing Machine

Check The Drain Hose On The Washing Machine
The drain hose on the washing machine is one of the biggest causes of malfunctions. The drain hose will help to empty the bowl during each cycle, but the cycle will stop when the hose is clogged or does not drain properly. Some people have issues with clogs in the house because hair and debris will get stuck inside the house.

You could have a similar clog in the outlet where the hose is placed. Pull the hose out of the outlet, check the slot for clogs, and replace the hose to test. The washing machine will stop running the second that it notices a clog, and you will see the water standing in the washer.

5. Is The Dryer Actually Drying Your Clothes?

When you are running the dryer, it should get very hot inside the cylinder. If the cylinder is not hot when the cycle is over, you need to check the power to the device, the gas pipe, or the heating element. You typically need to call a Richard Jay laundry equipment technician for help with the dryer because they are typically very sensitive devices.

6. Is The Device Rocking?

When you have a washer and dryer set up in the house, they should not rock back and forth when they are running. Most of the devices that you use have little feet on the bottom that can be adjusted, and you need to make sure that you can adjust each foot until the machine is level. If the machine is not level, it will rocking. The rocking motion alone could cause a lot of damage to the machine.

7. Are You Using The Appropriate Outlet?

Are You Using The Appropriate Outlet
You need to make certain that you are using the appropriate outlet. When you have a washer or dryer with a modern plug, or often needs a special three-pronged outlet that accepts more power than a traditional outlet. If you are not using the proper an outlet, you should call a technician so that you can have one installed.


The home and laundry equipment in your house must be tended to carefully so that it does not break down. When you are looking after your washer, dryer, and even the dishwasher, you can keep these devices in good condition without allowing them to break down.

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