A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding HVAC Systems


HVAC System

HVAC System:

HVAC systems are most importantly used to control the heating and cooling temperature of homes, offices or any other places. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. They are also used as heat pumps, central air conditioners, ductless AC units, etc. These systems are usually combined and provides heating and cooling altogether in one unit.

In this article, we have discussed the different types of HVAC systems along with its common terms.

HVAC Guide:

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning is a significant system to invest in for any building, home, office, etc. If you want to get a remarkable HVAC system for your home, it is important to have some basic knowledge regarding it.

The HVAC design includes a few basic things such as the system operation and the size and capacity of the equipment. Moreover, having information about different types of air conditioning systems will help you to buy a reliable one for your own use.
HVAC Guide
To get more understanding of the operations and buying procedure, we have a more enhanced guide to HVAC systems for you.

Common Terms of HVAC Systems:

Some main and common terms of HVAC systems are:

  1. Furnaces
  2. Heat Pumps
  3. Central Air Conditioners

Types of HVAC Systems:

There are three main types of HVAC systems that are the most popular and ones. They are commonly combined to provide heat and cool within the same system depending on your needs. Once you get to know the types of HVAC systems, you can easily buy and install a good unit with complete components.

The types are:

  1. Ductless AC Systems or Mini Split Unit
  2. Heating and Cooling Systems or Separate Splits
  3. Connected Heating and Air Conditioning or All in One Unit

Ductless AC System (Mini-Splits):

Ductless AC systems are suitable for places that are considerably small in size like our homes. It consists of multiple units that can be placed at different rooms and can be controlled individually in each room. The mini-split units are conveniently installed and are costly as well. They are connected to a compressor which is placed outside the room or house.

Heating and Cooling System (Separate Split):

Connected Heating and Air Conditioning
Heating and cooling split systems are considered to be the most common type of HVAC systems. They consist of two main systems that are responsible for providing heating and cooling separately. They contain one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. The indoor unit is supposedly placed indoors such as garages, attic, basements. The outdoor unit is also known as the central air conditioner which is placed on an AC pad that blows the hot air with its fan.

Connected Heating and Air Conditioning (All in one):

These heating and cooling systems are combined units that consist of heating and air conditioning systems, altogether. These types of HVAC systems are installed in bigger places such as offices, restaurants, etc. They are able to cool and heat a place at a similar temperature and use the energy very efficiently which means they utilize gas and electricity both. These are the most advanced HVAC systems.

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