Exterior Cladding: Why is it the perfect solution?


Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding is very popular in contemporary homes. It has become a trend these days. Once installed, the exterior appears very sophisticated and stylish. Also, besides adding a very elegant appearance to it, it protects the exterior from corrosion, heat and extreme weather conditions. Mentioned below are a few reasons why one should consider exterior cladding for the house:


While selecting wall cladding, insulation is one of the key features one should look for. The insulating properties of the cladding will help reducing electricity bills by ensuring that the outside temperature does not have an influence on the indoors. By maintaining a moderate temperature, it will significantly decrease the need for air conditioners or heaters during extreme weathers. When clads are installed, a gap exists between the wall and the aluminium channels where exterior clads are installed.

This allows the air to flow freely and keeps the wall cooler compared to the ones that stay directly exposed. Hence, the inner temperature stays slightly cooler and helps saving energy.


Protection is another important factor of exterior cladding. It helps to protect the structure from extreme heat or cold. When the walls stay exposed to hail, harsh sun rays, heat, cold, snow, corrosion, dirt, rain, etc., it slowly starts to get damaged. If HPL cladding is added to it, the cladding protects the structure from these climatic conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance
Exterior cladding is durable. It is one of the most significant features of cladding. The wall cladding that is to be installed on the exteriors is expected to last for a very long time. In case it lacks durability, the cladding will require maintenance time and again which will further increase the expenses. With high quality cladding, durability is never an issue. This is a one time investment that lasts longer. Now, with exterior cladding, one can save both time and money.


Budget is one of the main factors that determine the decision. Every investor looks for options that will give the maximum benefit at minimum price. While cheap claddings tend to be of poor quality and do not last long, good quality claddings are, at times, very expensive. The key is to find the right balance between the two. Archidlam claddings are one of the best in the industry. They are made of premium quality materials and available at economical rates. Always ensure that you should only buy exterior cladding materials from renowned brands only.

Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal
Painting your house has become a clichéd option these days. It often proves to be more economical but is a messy activity that may not reach upto the set expectations. Moreover, the fumes exuded by paints are toxic and harmful for the health too. Hence, it is prudent to switch to the best alternative available. Exterior cladding allows to choose from a huge number of designs available that will help decorating the walls as per needs.

While buying cladding, it is crucial to buy it from one of the top manufacturers in the country. Archidply Industries Ltd. is one of the top Plywood companies in India. It has been procuring premium quality raw materials and using cutting-edge technology and resources to increase the best quality plywood.

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