Treding Decor Ideas in 2019

With the advent of technology, new ways of keeping your home safe and tightening security keep improving and there are many different brands which provide camera and ring bells so house owners can easily identify whoever is at their doorstep and decide whether to let them in or not.

Skybell vs Ring are the current trending video doorbells that can be found in the smart home market. Both video doorbells can be easily installed following some simple steps and guidelines; and though they have a lot of similarities, they both have some unique features which make them different from another.

Analyzing the Skybell vs Ring, we will be looking at how they work, design, who can use it and many more.

Skybell video doorbell

Skybell video doorbell

The skybell video double comes in the color silver or bronze and has a circular design. Users receive alerts on their smartphones when there is someone at the door and with this doorbell, the user can see, hear and talk with the visitor at the door even if they are not home. It can also be used by more than one person for a single account provided the person has a good internet connection.

Additional things you can do with this video doorbell is; snap pictures, view the live video by clicking on it and watching moments caught on camera while you were away. Those who pay for the doorbell have the app installed on their phones.

Ring video doorbell

The doorbell comes in a rectangular shape which is quite slim and has a rechargeable battery system. It also has a two-way speaker and night mode setting which makes it capture faces well at night as well. The pro version allows the user to customize some features like; motion zones which determine the areas that can be caught or recorded on camera. And it also has a two-way speaker which eliminates noisy sounds such as sounds from vehicles.

Installation of both the skybell and ring doorbells

Installation of both the skybell and ring doorbells
The doorbells are both hardwired and the installation process is actually a DIY (Do It Yourself) thing. The doorbells come with installation manuals and can be installed in a few minutes even if it is your first time of using it.

Apart from the trending doorbells, let us take a look at some of the trending décor ideas that can help with your home makeover.

Using Sustainable fabrics

We have heard stuff like sustainable living and all, the use of sustainable fabrics like animal-free leathers and worm-free silks are mostly used today.

Earthy colors

Gone are the days when people felt attractive décor needs to have vibrant colors but earthy colors are becoming the new hit. Colors like beige shades, sage green hues, natural wood tones and more are trending; plus they send out a cozy, soft and peaceful vibe.


Gold is a color that reflects class and most people are trying to include it in their home decoration; it could be the furniture, curtains, carpets, lamps and many more.


Plants have a way of displaying warmness and friendliness, the reason why a lot of people are using it for their home décor and it actually does add some spice and chic looks to your living or bedroom.

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