Top Ways To Make Your Winter Decor Look Luxurious

You either love winter, or you hate it. Technically, although winter feels like it’s just around the corner, it doesn’t actually start until the 21 December this year, which is enough time to get planning for your winter decor. Plus, people love to get in the winter season mood just as the weather turns cold, and that’s right about now. 

Winter decor is cozy, luxurious, and gives you all the calming vibes you need to distract you from the dark nights and cold weather – particularly if you don’t consider yourself to be a fan of them. 

Whether you’re going into hibernation mode or not, below are some of the best ways you can make your winter decor look luxurious.

Holiday Favorites

Many will argue that the best time of the year is winter because of the numerous holidays to celebrate. From Hannukah to the birthday of Saint Nick himself, there’s plenty to celebrate this holiday season. In fact, religion is a massive part of this holiday season that deserves mentioning if we’re to talk about luxurious decor. The next holiday on the calendar is Thanksgiving on 25 November. 

The celebration of Thanksgiving is to remind us of the bountifulness and abundance of the life we’re living. We’re celebrating not only the holiday, but we remember the first Thanksgiving and the sacrifices made to bring us this beautiful and delicious holiday. The Cornucopia — also known as the horn of plenty — is the perfect symbolic centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. To add a little luxury into the mix, fill it with divine fruits, nuts, and flowers to add elegance and class to the horn. 

After that comes the Jewish holiday of Hannukah – a holiday celebrated by thousands of Americans. Hannukah is also known as the holiday of light, telling a tale of the rededication of the second temple. The celebration of Hannukah features a beautiful Jewish Menorah as the centerpiece of a Hannukah table. Its elegant design lights up the room and reminds those celebrating the sanctity of the holiday, as well as offering a beautiful and heartening focal point for any wintry home. 

Winter Decor 1

Classic Luxurious Winter Decor

We could go on and on about decor related to the various upcoming holidays, but most people focus on the entire home and how they can fill it with classic winter decor that oozes both style and comfort – preferably rolled into one snuggly throw. Smaller touches are crucial for winter luxury – one idea is bringing low-level light in the form of lamps and candles, inspired by the Hygge way of life. A few perfectly placed candles that emit and soft and warming glow oozes luxury. 

You may also want to consider winter tones and how you can introduce them without changing the overall decor of a room – because who has time to do that! Don’t be to cliché, but soft neutral tones like beige and cream are perfect for winter – and they’re very on-trend right now. Simple colors ooze luxury without even trying – with many combining simple colors with simple features in the room.

A neutral-toned throw for the sofa, a soft-colored fur rug, and a collection of candles to create a dimly lit room will define luxury in your home this winter season. Apply this to every room in your home. You may also want to consider features such as potpourri filled with pinecones and other festive treats that not only smell divine but also help to add a feel of luxury to any room – especially if you can find an elegant gold dish to put them in.

Don’t Limit Yourself To The Inside

The decor isn’t limited to the inside of your home. Some people would even argue that the best time of the year to relax in the backyard is during the winter months. There’s something about being snuggled up on a dark night under the stars watching the world go by. To add that all-important splash of luxury, look at fire pits and luxurious outdoor furniture sets. A U-shaped padded outdoor furniture set with a fire pit in the middle defines home luxury, especially if you can bag an elegant fur throw to go over it. 

If you can get an open fire pit, you might even explore the idea of roasting marshmallows and s’mores over the fire as if you were camping in the wild.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a pillow to classify your decor as luxurious. You could spend $2 at the flea market on a beautiful Menorah that oozes luxury – nobody has to know what the price tag is. Design, placement, and colors embody luxurious decor more than the price tag does.

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