Top Reasons for a Floating Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Review

Everyone knows that bathrooms are for keeping the body clean. However, beyond just having space where you can always bathe, you should always think about making use of the space in your bathroom is the best way you can. Some bathrooms are big and might not need you to do much to get extra space. Some, on the other hand, are not so big and will need you to be intentional if you must get the best out of the space they provide.

Bathrooms that are small can be challenging to get the best out of. Even worse is the space occupied by vanities in the bathroom. You are free to position your vanity in any part of your bathroom you desire. Nonetheless, if you want to get great value for your vanity and still have ample space in your bathroom, you should consider making use of a floating wall mounted bathroom vanity.

That being said, below are reasons, according to, to make use of a floating wall mounted bathroom vanity.

Draws Attention to Your Bathroom Tiles

Beyond being a place to clean up yourself, your bathroom sometimes is evidence of your taste in tiles and how creative you can be. While the average person with very beautiful tile work will always want to show what they have and how beautiful their bathroom is, this might not be the case if your vanity occupies a huge part of your bathroom

When you make use of a floating wall mounted bathroom vanity, you will have the much needed extra space and can, therefore, lay the tiles in the bathroom to cover the area you really want to be covered

Great for Radiant Heat

Great for Radiant Heat

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? If yes, then, you must be thinking of how you will always heat your home. There are lots of ways to heat your home. However, if you know about the advantages of radiant heat, it is one technique you might want to use.

Although radiant heat is not the only way to heat a new home, it is considered to be one of the most efficient. It is rated above forced-air heating systems and baseboard heating systems. Furthermore, it is ideal for people suffering from allergies. While radiant heating in itself is great, it even becomes better when your vanity is floating.

Your Bathroom can Look Streamlined

Looking to make your bathroom cool without putting in so much effort? You can do this by making use of floating wall mounted bathroom vanity. By adding a floating vanity and a floating sink to your bathroom, it can look very streamlined and have an amazing aesthetic appeal without you putting in a lot of effort.

Cleaning is Easier

Cleaning a bathroom is not one of the easiest things to do in a home. While cleaning in totality might not be very easy, cleaning a bathroom is even more demanding. One reason why cleaning up a bathroom is demanding is you will need to clean a bathroom vanity’s bottom until it gets really clean and this is not a very easy thing to do.

If you own a wall mounted bathroom vanity, you are most likely aware of how easy it is to clean it. The reason for this is all you need to do is put a mop under that area and you will be done cleaning. You will not need to get worried about stubborn baseboards.

They are Suitable for Whatever Height

When installing wall mounted vanities, you are free to install it at whatever height you please. There are no rules that state they must be installed on a certain level. They are good for the tall, the short, the average height, and the children. This way, you do not need to worry about a person’s height.

More Space

More Space

When the space in a bathroom floor is left uninterrupted, such a bathroom does not necessarily get bigger. It, however, begins to seem bigger. In addition to feeling bigger, it gets airier and brighter. Creating a couple of inches on your bathroom floor might not seem like much. It, however, can have a major effect on the space made available in your bathroom.

Are you looking to create extra space in your living area? If yes, one way to do this us by making use of wall mounted bathroom vanities. When you make use of a wall-mounted bathroom vanity, your bathroom is left airy and a lot more spacious. You do not need to get a huge volume of space under your cabinet to create more space. Just a few inches can create extra space in your room.

Make Use of Your Design IQ

Floating wall mounted bathroom vanities were not created in a way that one size fits all. To get the best out of a wall-mounted bathroom vanity, you will always need to consider the size of your bathroom, your personal style, and the features you are looking out for.

The implication of this is the same floating wall mounted bathroom vanity can be used in a big bathroom and a small bathroom. The only difference is you will need to make use of your design skills in a way that will bring out the best from your bathroom.

Extra Storage

This is an important reason to have a wall-mounted bathroom vanity especially for people that live in small homes. Individuals that live in fairly large homes can decide to make use of a wall-mounted bathroom vanity or other types of bathroom vanity. However, if your living area is small, you must make the best use of every single space you have. One way to do this is by using a wall-mounted bathroom vanity.

When you make use of a floating wall mounted bathroom vanity in your small bathroom, you can always have an extra room under your vanity for storing things that do not get into the vanity.

The space created can be used in housing decorative baskets, toilet papers, and other toiletries.

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