Top Options for Property Development Finance in the UK

Having the right Finance is the crucial step to ensuring that your plan for property development moves forward in a streamlined way. 

It not only provides a good return on the investment but also guarantees that your project will be successful. Property developers often consider finance options to fund their property development projects. 

So, here are some options that you can consider that are appropriate for almost every type of property development project. Conversely, not all kinds of finance options are suitable for every project. Hence, you need to make sure that you choose the right development finance option to avoid wasting your time and money. 

1: Commercial Mortgages:

It is a type of mortgage that can be useful if you want to purchase commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, or shops. Any property that is not included in private residential comes under this category. 

Commercial mortgages allow a person to spread the cost of a large purchase over a definite period as they cannot afford to pay the sum outright. 

The borrower can use the amount of money for the acquisition, refinance, or redevelop the property. It is a flexible option that meets the interest and needs of a borrower and a lender, likewise. 

2: Buy-To-Let Mortgages:

Property Development1

Another type of finance option for property development is the mortgage, which allows a landlord or property owner with multiple properties to get the Finance. 

It is provided to the individuals or companies who buy properties for investment. 

3: Auction Finance:

With Auction Finance option, the property owners can get a property that is below the market value from a seller. 

Most suited for first-time developers, this finance option is a smart way to establish a business and succeed in the development industry. But auctions can be riskier than others as well because it gives you a limited time to research the property. 

Furthermore, the auctions require that the buyer finalize the purchase as soon as possible. So, before you get auction finance, make sure that your auction contacts are genuine and trustworthy. 

4: Bridging Finance:

Property Development2

The most common type of property development finance is a bridging loan. It can help the borrower to raise a significant amount of capital quickly. Once you qualify for the bridge loan, you can get the sum within 5 to 7 days. 

But it is a short-term loan that can be acquired from 1 to 36 months with a high-interest rate. When other finance options are not serving you right, a bridging loan can provide the best alternative. 

This type of loan is ideal for property renovation, conversion, and ground-up development as well. Keep in mind that to get and use the bridging finance option, bear in mind that you will need an exit strategy for the loan as well. 

From light to substantial refurbishments, ground-up development, and other types of work, everything can be handled easily with the sum you will get through these finance options. So, make sure that you do your research before finalizing Finance. 

Find out more on bridging loans for property development here

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