How to Setup a Perfect Garage For Your Car

A garage is not just a premise for your vehicle. Firstly, it’s a place where you can get productive, repairing, inventing, or studying something. You might as well just relax and have some private time for yourself. The list can go on and on.

Need a distraction from daily routines/problems? It will take some time (to get to it and open that door), next thing you know – you are in your very own personal kingdom!

How do you turn your garage into something more than just a regular workshop? How do you equip it with all the necessary amenities and make it a great recreation place to relax with your friends? Let’s figure this out!

It’s an amazing opportunity to get creative and imaginative. But you have to avoid chaos. Tend towards order and make sure all your tools/devices are located in the right places.

Shelves, drawers, mounts, clamps, and other useful accessories will allow you to store your needful things and use the space in the most efficient way. You will always have everything at hand, hidden from prying eyes.

According to, to do this, you will have to decide on the following:

  • Goal;
  • Location;
  • Size.

Goal. Will it be a workshop, recreation room, or maybe both? And maybe you don’t have a car at all but plan to buy one soon? These are all points to consider.

Location. A garage is suitable for suburban homes and high-rises. It can be an annex, a separate premise, a classic metal box, or a basement. Pay attention to entry convenience and other related environmental factors here.

Area. Dimensions can be humble or vast. If it’s just for your vehicle storage, along with various work tools and other stuff that just don’t fit inside your home storage, the minimum size will do. Measure your vehicle, add 1.5-2 ft in the front, back, and sides. That’s it. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the height, too!

Perhaps you intend to actively engage in repairs? Then the optimal size will be 23 ft (length) x 13 ft (width) x 6.5-7 ft (height). You will get more accurate dimensions after you measure the vehicle. It’s essential to create comfort and mobility so that you don’t feel constrained. After that, the following activities will be easy.

  • Car repairs;
  • Vehicle door/trunk access;
  • Tool shelf/drawer proper arrangement.

These are the main points, now let’s get to the nuances.

Setup Ideas

Tool Placement

How do you set up a garage if you have no ideas? A little patience, creativity, and support materials are what you need. Plus, storming the Internet will do the thing. Now, let’s get to the details.

Shelves and racks. It’s an optimal choice, regardless of the size. Any place you find comfortable will do. Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, making DIY shelves should not be a problem. After all, you can make them out of ordinary wooden planks, old profiled logs, flitch-of timber boards, or other building materials.

Cut the plank to the right size, varnish it, paint it (optional), and mount it to the wall. That’s it! You can use it for rags or manual accessories.

Racks look impressive. This type of equipment, typically used for storing various items, consists of multiple decks or projecting beams attached to the racks or sidewalls. It’s a beneficial space-saving and storage system. You can group them by sector, which is very convenient. The materials for manufacturing are inexpensive and quite affordable to make them on your own. By the way, mezzanine racks are highly cost-effective and perfectly suitable for garages with high ceilings.

Brackets are relevant for various items. You can easily disassemble, relocate, and install them with no problems. Perfect place for storing seasonal items like skis, bicycles, hoses, skeins, etc.

Tire hooks. If you’re going to store spares in your garage, make sure you have enough space. If tires and wheels are assembled, you should store them suspended. Hooks mounted in the ceiling (or wall) are ideal for this purpose.

Hand Tool Stands. Tools in the garage can be stored either on a shelf or a separate stand. Either way, it’s convenient, thus, everyone decides for himself. You can also combine these two options in a comprehensive way. Such shields are typically used to hang a variety of fasteners, clamps, and hooks so that you could fit as many tools as possible. These are often hammers, screwdrivers, and other accessories with handles. Wrenches are best stored on shelves.

Boxes are the easiest solution. Do not throw away your boxes after shopping because you can put a lot of useful things in them. Large boxes will be needed for larger items, but the smaller ones will not be empty. In a garage, there is always something you can store in them. Boxes can be cardboard or plastic, even those that you no longer use will do – they have not yet lost their value.

To remember what you put in a box, you can sign it. This will keep you from losing track of the right stuff.

Jars or cans of different sizes/colors are suitable for storing small items like nuts, nails, buttons, and bulk materials. Close them with a lid and their contents will not be affected.

Workbench. A workbench in a garage takes an honorable place. It’s up to you to decide what design and size it will be. The construction is a metal frame with a worktop. There should definitely be drawers, as well. Special equipment (e.g. viсe) can also be installed on top of the surface. Do it yourself or buy a complete set – you can upgrade it over time.

Workbench can be used for various tasks. It will help you repair spare parts and eliminate defects. Aim for a strong, reliable, and compact design. Choose a place to install it so that you can work conveniently. Typically, a workbench is placed in front of the hood, by the wall, or on the side of the vehicle.

What kind of tool do you need in your garage and for what purpose? Everyone will have their own answer to that. It all depends on your intentions. The minimum set of hand tools is a must. Typically the set includes:

  • Wrench set;
  • Screwdriver set;
  • Cutters;
  • Circle and flat-nose pliers;
  • Tire levers;
  • Heads;
  • Chisels;
  • Roulettes;
  • Magnets.

The list can be expanded when needed. Don’t forget about more functional tools like a grinder or circle saw, wheel gun, drill, and welding machine. You can also make some tools by yourself, e.g., a pipe bender, adjustable clamp, etc.

Tool Placement

Setup Ideas

Locate your tools wisely so that you can reach them whenever you need them.

Thoroughly consider organizing your space. Shelves, racks, boxes, and other accessories are suitable for storage. Place the most needed items in a visible position. Some tools should be stored in special cases or storage covers for safety reasons.

Use brackets mounted to the wall or door. This way you can attach hacksaws, blades, chainsaws, etc. Hooks will be needed for keys, jars, and organizers – for small helpers. Power tools can be placed on shelves or in a box/drawer.

Equipment Placement

If you are a car owner, you’re, probably, familiar with the mandatory range of garage equipment. Still, we’d like to remind you.

Ladder. Most likely, you won’t need it too often, but sometimes, it’s just indispensable. Choose a compact and foldable ladder model that doesn’t take up much space. You may need it in different situations, like when you need to do something at height, reach the right point, etc. It’s irreplaceable in house repairs and other home routines.

Air Compressor. This device allows you to pump up your tires, blow out the carburetor, tubing, etc. You can also use it to measure tire pressure, pump an air mattress, airboat, various pool inflatables, yoga balls, etc. All in all, it’s a great and useful tool in everyday life.

Jump Starter. Such mechanisms are essential for car batteries. They are indispensable for charging and supporting battery power. Read more about jump starters here.

Jack. It’s all simple here – need to get your ride up – use a jack. Types and specs to pay attention to when choosing, can found here.

Welding equipment. Electric welding is vital for working with metal. It allows you to fix various car parts, adjust the size, and do similar tasks. Such equipment is extremely necessary for a garage and construction works.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Alarm. We recommend installing an alarm in your garage as you will have a lot of valuable things stored there which need to be reliably protected. An alarm system should work clearly, as it is a guarantee of your safety.

Trim. Make sure your garage looks presentable. A type of treatment is, of course, a personal matter. The walls can be painted monochrome or decorated with drawings of the chosen style.

Heating. Garage warmth is provided by special portable devices called “heaters.” They provide the right temperature, heat the premise in no time, and are easy to use.

The second option is the insulation of supporting structures. Make sure your ventilation and heating systems are well-thought-out. Besides, this method can be quite costly.

Electrical wiring. The wiring must be able to withstand high voltage, as you will have to work with different types of tools and devices. Good and quality lighting is crucial.


To make your garage comfortable and functional, try to get a little creative. Decide on your goals, and after that, think about the elements. Take care of the garage flooring, as well.

This place can be a cozy and attractive one both for you and the ones you invite.

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