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Top Interior Design Trends 2019

Top Interior Design Trends 2019

Two times every year, the High Point Market attracts millions of people. What makes this exhibition so popular is the fact that the people who participate provide an overview of the latest trends in interior decorating that are about to hit the world. This gives anyone who gains access to the exhibition a chance to learn how they need to adjust their interior design strategies to keep up with the latest trends. When a schedule is busy, tasks are often even outsourced in order to make time for this event. Whether that would mean leaving the fate of a business in another person’s hands or perhaps using monstratext.com for outsourcing writing assignments.

People often go through a lot of effort in order to ensure they can be the first to observe these shifts in how the world is viewing interior décor. Fortunately, there are ways to get an overview of what the latest trends are without always going through so much effort. Whether that is to take a look at the event live on a streaming channel, or perhaps waiting for pictures of the event to be posted magazines and, of course, on the internet.

In this post, we take a look at the latest design trends you should know in 2019. These are the latest trends that we will soon see integrated into many homes around the entire world.

Copper Is Back

Copper Is Back

Copper used to be a popular element that was used in a variety of household items and structures but was replaced with other options in recent years. Just last year, we saw a trend for rose gold – not just on the back of our smartphones, but also in our homes. In 2019, however, copper has made a comeback, now mixed with other types of metals to create a modern appearance.

Concrete and Related Accents

While concrete isn’t as popular of a building material as it used to be, we are seeing an increase in the trend for using concrete-related décor inside the house now. This ranges from concrete tiles up to complete structures, such as dining tables, that are made from concrete – or at least concrete accents.

A Taste for Burnt Yellow

A Taste for Burnt Yellow
Burnt yellow is a relatively bright and bold color that has been considered overwhelming in past years. In 2019, however, it seems like the color is making its way into the latest interior décor trends. In fact, burnt yellow is not the only color that is trending. This seems to be the year for including bolder colors around the house, whether that be with a new layer of paint or a redesigned set of furniture. Some of these colors include:

  • A shocking pink
  • A vibrant green
  • And some rustic colors like brass


With consistent shifts in design trends, especially when it comes to interior décor, designers and architects need to stay on top of their game. In 2019, we are seeing a lot of older traditions, like copper and the age-old floral décor, come back to life with some modern twists. These are, however, only some of the many interior design trends that you need to look out for this year.

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