Top Interior Decor Trends to Watch for in 2019

2018 was all about rose gold, vintage accessories, wide-plank woods, and bright spaces. With the new year come a number of new, eye catching interior design trends and patterns.

Interior designers have already shared top trends that will be capturing attention this year. We have compiled the best picks for decor lovers who are renovating their homes, redecorating rooms or moving into a new house.

Keep reading to know what’s in and what’s out this year and decorate your homes in style!

Sustainability Is the Way to Be

Sustainability Is the Way to Be

With increasing consciousness of the carbon footprint, sustainability has emerged as one of the biggest interior design trends in 2019. It includes cutting down on the use of plastics, using recyclable materials and utilizing recycled goods for furnishing and decoration.

Handmade pieces made of eco-friendly materials like clay, rice paper, and jute are in.
Home decor brands are constantly working to develop and launch sustainable products for stylish yet environmental friendly homes.

Stay Close to Nature

Designers and decorators have turned biophilic this year! Designs and spaces that remind us of nature are trending. Designs are making use of wood, stone and concrete on the floors and walls. Brick wall paper is a good alternative where organic materials can’t be used.

There is a lot of attention on including more greenery, the sound and sight of water and greater access to natural views inside the house. These elements will help in bringing an organic and serene vibe to your spaces.

Multi-use Spaces and Furniture

Multi-use Spaces and Furniture
As more people embrace the “less is more” attitude, we are seeing more use of convertible spaces and furnishings. The murphy bed has made a comeback with its more modernized versions. Designers are focused on generating greater utility with the available space.

The Love for Florals Is Here to Stay

Floral patterns are still very much in style. More exaggerated patterns with contrasting colors are being preferred this year whether you’re getting printed fabrics or floral wallpapers.

Modern Vintage Lighting

Modern Vintage Lighting
Vintage lighting- a trend that made its way back last year is being seen this year as well. Less exposed lighting and more of vintage sconces in modern copper or brass finishes are popular. Edison-style bulbs, Neil floor lamp, and vintage table lamps are other great addition to the retro lighting trends of 2019.

Velvet Is Our New Crush

Previously considered as stuffy and old fashioned, velvet adds a touch of luxury and glamour into your house. With its luscious looks and variety of colors, velvet decor has become one of the most sought-after trends of 2019.

Velvet cushions, sofas and chairs in bold colors are excellent to uplift your living areas. Velvet upholstered head rests are also being used to give bedrooms a dramatic yet luxurious feel.

The Four Poster Beds

The Four Poster Beds
After staying out of fashion for a very long time, four poster beds have now gained entry into the latest home decor trends. Modern versions focus on elegance, slim silhouettes, and minimalism and come with or without canopies.

Brass and Copper Accents

2019 welcomed brass and copper accents and waved goodbye to stainless steel, polished nickel and the rose gold fever. These all-rounder metals can make way into your kitchens and bathrooms in the form of sinks, faucets, piping, bathtubs, shelves etc.

Rich, Colourful Spaces

Rich, Colourful Spaces
2019 bids farewell to whites and other neutral colour palettes. This year sees the use of bolder colors and textures. Walls painted in darker hues are being preferred. Jewel-toned furniture and accessories in greens, reds, and bold yellows are chic.

Light Wood Floors

As the desire for more open, light, and airy feel grows, wooden flooring in lighter shades has become popular. Light oak, birch and even whitewashed are some of the favorites this year. These floors reflect more light and give a more relaxing and brighter look to your home.

Statement Ceilings

Statement Ceilings
Having ignored it for too long, designers are now paying a lot of attention on the fifth wall. The idea is to make the ceiling prominent.

Painting the ceiling with bolder colors, using textures, layers, tray ceiling and wallpapers are all included in this trend. Lighting fixtures and moulding can also make the ceiling stand out.

Darker Counter Tops

White quartz counters and other light coloured counter tops and cabinetry are all out of fashion. It’s time to go for warmer and darker hues. Dark counter tops are hitting the kitchen scene this year. Although marble continues to be a classic choice, interior designers are going for counter tops made of dark matte stone along with dark cabinets.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving
Kitchen cabinets are being replaced with open shelves made of glass, wood, or metal. It’s now a trend to not hide your things rather have your items on display. For metallic shelving, brass and copper are the materials of choice.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns with larger sized patterns and darker colors continue to be a top trend. Their inherent symmetry and simplicity along with the mix of colors can really enhance the look of any room.

Colour of the Year

Colour of the Year
‘Living Coral’ is the Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019. It’s a warm, energizing shade that can enliven your homes. The colour can be included in your wall palette or you can opt for creating an accent wall. Other ideas include using coral coloured accessories like curtains, bed sheets, pillows, cushions or rugs.

Designing your home and keeping it up to date with the latest fashion trends is both fun and fulfilling. While you’re at it, visit Pick a Wall – Australia’s largest wall mural company and get your hands on the best wall murals and wall papers to decorate your homes in style.

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