Top Five Reasons to Buy Sheer Curtains


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Shopping for custom drapes has become more easy, time-effective, and cost-effective with online drapery portals flooding the internet. Choose a company with high ratings and half your job is done right. The next big question is regarding the fabric. Buyers often pose queries regarding the efficiency of sheer drapes. Drapes are primarily meant to provide privacy and light control; their acoustic and aesthetic functions are a bonus. Can sheer curtains get all these boxes ticked? What is the charm of a semi-transparent material dressing your windows? Well! This article aims to highlight the top five reasons to buy sheer curtains. 

What is sheer fabric?

Sheer fabric is a translucent cloth woven with thin threads. It’s a gauzy material that allows light to pass. Only a heavily blurred vision of the shapes is visually accessible. This delicate semi-transparent fabric is available in cotton, linen, chiffon, polyester, voile, rayon, gauze, and silk materials, among others. Semi-sheer fabric is a slightly more opaque material and thus provides much more privacy and control over light inflow as compared to pure sheer.

Sheer curtains stitched with ample width form wholesome pleats and rich gather, mitigating any transparency concerns to a great extent. And they come in several colors and designs, expanding the scope for stylists to make the best window treatment solutions.

Top Five Benefits of Sheer Curtains

Have you noticed how a personality trait, depending on the circumstances, can become both your strength and your weakness? That can be said of sheer curtains too. In rooms – like your living room – where privacy is not a big deal, these feather-light transparent drapes can add softness and pleasure effortlessly. In places where privacy is key during the night, they serve to add depth and dimension to the room when layered with opaque drapes. Let’s see the top five benefits of sheer curtains.

  • Ensures more privacy during the day

Privacy during the day can be provided by opaque curtains only when fully closed. And that also shuts away all the natural light. That means you have to choose between the two – privacy and natural light. But sheer drapes let you have both. It is always wise, therefore, to layer your front drapes with sheers, especially on full-size windows which are meant to let in plenty of light. If you shut them off with drapes, what do you gain from those smart, imposing architectural features? But should there be sheers, you can enjoy the sunlight without giving away anything to prying eyes.

  • Prevents fading of furniture and fixtures

In recent times, outdoor living has gained fresh popularity. Architects and engineers are enabling clients to have more connection with nature even when indoors by installing huge doors and windows. While this has wonderful consequences on one’s mental and physical wellness, it can prove equally disastrous to the furniture and fixtures. Wooden and textile materials placed closer to the windows will fade, warp and crack with the passage of time. Ensuring their protection is left to homeowners and stylists. If you’re planning to leave your opaque curtains open during the day, then do layer them with sheer curtains. They will soften and filter the sunlight, thus reducing its harshness on the indoor elements. 

  • Easy upkeep

Being lightweight, sheer curtains prove to be extremely easy to maintain. Where there’s heavy exposure to moisture as in bathrooms or to rains as at patios and shallow windows, the fabric’s fast-drying quality offers relief, making sheers a top candidate for bathroom window treatments. Where other materials could gather mildew and get disfigured, sheers maintain their beauty effortlessly. And should they need a wash, they prove to be a low-duty task for your washing machine as well as for you. Just hang them on the poles straight from the machine. They dry there wrinkle-free. In fact, whenever you notice too many wrinkles on the drape, just wash and hang them and they’re done.

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  • Keeps your home fresh and airy

Opaque drapes allow fresh air in when opened up and block it entirely when closed. But sheers, being light-weighted, billow in the winds, letting fresh air their due passage even when closed. This helps aplenty to keep the home fresh and airy always. If a room has only one window, it will look like a dungeon when closed off with a drape. The quality of the air trapped in the room will also lower with time. The sheer’s translucent qualities allow the indoor air to move out and the outdoor air to stream in, so unpleasant odors can’t get entrapped. Moreover, if your room faces a lush garden, you can enjoy the fragrances of fresh blooms sitting inside your home. 

  • Aesthetic appeal 

If there’s one material that is resoundingly elegant and perfectly suitable for any kind of interior design style, it is sheer curtains. Make sure to use them even in rooms that don’t need any drapes because they add softness and gracefulness to the hardy surfaces of the walls. When placed behind unlined drapes they fulfill the task of linings protecting them from excess heat and give them a plush fullness. When placed in front of roman shades, they add an element of visual interest to its crisp, minimal finishes.

Summing it up..

Sheer curtains provide privacy, light control, aesthetic appeal, and freshness and cut down on maintenance work. Did they just get all the boxes ticked? We don’t think there’s anything more to ask from drapes. So, if all the myths about sheers are busted, get ready to shop for them.

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